Is pet insurance worth it? Best companies for cats?

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      My kitty was drooling a lot and I got a little scared because he had never done that before. Took him to the vet. He is totally fine. With that said I love my kitty and I want him to live a nice healthy life. So I’m wondering if pet insurance is actually a good investment and if so which company should I choose?

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        This is something I would highly recommend doing sooner rather than later if it’s on your mind. Insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions so the second something is on file for being a problem, that issue (and anything related to it) will not be covered.

        We didn’t think we’d need insurance until our pup had pancreatitis and was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in the same weekend.

        Called pet insurance to find out that because of the hip dysplasia no orthopedic issues would be covered and because of the pancreatitis no GI or kidney issues would be covered so it basically became worthless.

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          YES I suggest Pumpkin.

          It’s one of the few that will help cover prescription food if needed in the future. I recommend a $500 or $1000 deductible based on your budget for monthly premium. they also offer preventive coverage which was an extra like $140 and reimburses for the physical, one vaccine and worm testing which ends up being more so you end up saving some money.

          I did a ton of research and pumpkin had no reviews about difficulty filing claims or anything.

          Also covers broken legs which not all do.

          Have you seen: Pet insurance experiences, worth it? Company recs please?

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            Hopefully they checked his teeth. Mine was drooling and he had some bad teeth needed removed.

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              I suggest getting pet insurance for the first few years of their life. usually genetic or other lifelong issues pop up when they are young. If they don’t have issues and it’s been a a bit, you can decide if you want to keep insurance in case there’s a bad accident or if you want to drop insurance because you don’t need it.

              I regret not getting insurance on my puppy. he just turned one and started getting seizures. all the pet insurances don’t cover pre-existing conditions so it can’t be helped. I’ve had to pay a lot to get him care.

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                For myself we found it wasn’t worth it!

                Was a lot of money for nothing in return if that make sense it didn’t help us financially with anything. We still have to pay for all their flea and tick meds, shots and check ups.

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                  I wouldn’t do insurance, find out roughly how much it would be and put that into a savings each month, that’s what I do, I have over $3k in savings, cause I haven’t had to use much. I have 6 dogs and 5 cats and put $50 a week away.

                  If we go the the vets and it’s over $200 for any one pet I use that fund, if it’s regular stuff, shots or checkups, I pay normally, only using it as a emergency fund.

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                    A lot of pet insurance companies do not directly pay the Vet. You pay the vet bill, the insurance company reimburses you.

                    Also, whatever company you decide to use make sure your Vet accepts that insurance.

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                      Price it out and then decide. Is your cat a breed that has issues routinely?

                      How ilf is your cat? If your cat is 5 years old and you’ve only had routine visits, the money you’ve saved not having pet insurance more than covered your visit. Do you have enough savings to cover medical visits?

                      We’ve never had pet insurance, because we’ve always had breeds with minimal issues and our vet bills have never exceeded the premium for the insurance. We’ve also had enough savings to cover emergency bills of needed.

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                        We do a wellness plan with our vet that includes their yearly physical some bloodwork and gives us a discount on medication‘s if needed. They send us sweet reminders and it does not cost us much and we’re covering both of our cats and my daughters cat as well, and our lone dog, who has some orthopedic issues that happened when she was struck by a car before going into foster.

                        I hate she got hit by that car but that was what brought her ultimately to us despite a distinctive limp. It doesn’t seem to really bother her.

                        She did require further surgery after we got her because her altered gate messed up the opposite knee so $4000 later, she’s as good as she’s going to get no one will touch the other hip and leg because they just put it back together the best they could and it’s a bit of a mess.

                        Our vet sent her x-rays to other vets around the entire country and all of them said the same thing just leave it. The only thing that might help her if it got worse was a brace so we got a brace, but she rarely has to wear it.

                        Also, check out: I’m so confused in trying to lower my expenses

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                          The drool can also be caused by plug in air fresheners.

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                            Absolutely get pet insurance. I wish that l had it for two of my dogs. One had cancer and one was diabetic.

                            I am so glad that l had it for my other dog. l got it early for my dog that just had cancer before she had any preexisting conditions.

                            I could not have afforded her treatments without it.

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                              Getting insurance was the first thing I did when I got my cat. I have a Guinea pig and vet visits for them can be expensive, I knew for a cat it would be even more expensive. I go through ASPCA and pay $50 a month for sickness/emergency/accident and regular check ups.

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                                Yes and do it now.

                                As others have said, they don’t cover preexisting, so it makes sense to do it now while she is young and healthy to care for her through old age. Emergencies happen and are so so so expensive without insurance. You want her to have the best care for her whole life and you don’t want to worry.

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                                  Make sure you don’t have any toxic plants that your cat nibbled on. That can cause them to drool, have an upset stomach, or even death. I to put all my plants in a room that is off limits to them.

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                                    Pet insurance is helpful. Vet bills are expensive and when they get older, more issues come up. Insurance ensures you can provide the medical care your cat needs. I wish I got it for mu dog. I just spent $6000 on my 17 year old dog at emergency.

                                    The drooling could indicate a problem with a tooth or access in the mouth.

                                    Have the vet take a look.

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                                      Pet insurance has covered a lot for me since my cat got sick. She is better now, but they still cover the bloodwork for that condition which is great.

                                      Best to do it in the very early age.

                                      *sounds like your cat was nauseated from something. Hope he / she is ok now.

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                                        We have embrace insurance & I agree with it being worth it but the preexisting condition is a thing you have to be aware of. We had our oldest 2 cats get cancer & nothing would be covered. We went ahead & got the others covered and the insurance does pay for itself with us. I track how much it costs every year & how much the reimburse us.

                                        But I’m a crazy person & take them to the doc anytime something happens.

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