Just put my gas hot water heater on VAC mode

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      Learned that means vacation. I’m in the desert, this water is hot enough!

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        I’m in Arizona this week and next. It is crazy hot here. The hotel doesn’t even really have cold water. It’s so strange.

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          How do you put it on vacation. ode? I’m in the high desert, and it’s HOT weather now til October. Husband recently passed…he did all these things for me.


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            My friend said Las Vegas was 115 and the daughters pool seam just burst open and that was the end of the pool.

            Suggested: Low water pressure vaillant ecotec. Advice on raising pressure?

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              I lived in Vegas a number of years ago and we bought a house and had no idea there were different modes for the water heater.

              It was on vacation mode for 6 months and we never noticed!

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                I literally unplugged my water heater at my old apt for 4 months of the year. When it’s 100+ out and you work outside, it feels so nice to have cool water.

                Also- my cold water tap was STEAMING when I turned it on last night — so I feel ya!!

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                  Amen to that. 114 yesterday.

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