Need a better way (digital way) to budget and track all spending

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      Best way to track spending– I was doing cash but it wasn’t really working when I need to get online and pay bills. Need a better way (digital way) to budget and track all spending.

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        We love the Monthly Budget template in Google Sheets. I can enter transactions as soon as I get to my car after a purchase, as soon as I set up an online payment, or check my budget categories before buying if I’m in a store and see something that catches my eye.

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          I use both cash and online banking. I only use online banking for bills, sinking funds, and savings. Everyday expenses and smaller sinking funds are covered by cash.

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            I use a google sheets document! It’s easy to edit on the fly and customizable.

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              YNAB (You Need A budget)

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                I use YNAB

                It’s great because you set up little digital envelopes and before spending I see if it’s in the budget or move money around. I love cash envelopes but here a lot of places don’t take cash or I wouldn’t have the right envelope with me.

                All of my bills are in YNAB and I reconcile it with my bank daily to make sure I’m not overspending. I also have my sinking funds in there-not a lot just Christmas, car registration and insurance, kids’ activities, tuition for my grad school classes (I’m a teacher), Christmas, and car maintenance. I’m still in debt so I’m working on finding things and some get more priority than others.

                Useful: I am looking for a better budgeting app – Any suggestions?

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                  I use mint plus Erin Condren budget book. If BBP had a paper spiral version in a 7×9, I prefer that but Erin Condren is getting me by for now.

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                    I use two expense tracking sheets – one for my bank account and one for cash. I then instantly know how much I have left of each. I am almost cashless so instead of cash envelopes I use the cash tracker cards to keep a record of each budget category.

                    I find this gives me more control. I also use a monthly calendar and write all my spending on this. Any time I know I have a payment due I write it on the due date. I add any daily spending as well.

                    It helps me see trends and any unexpected spending and to see where sinking funds would help even out my spending. I am already working on 2024 monthly calendars.

                    It does not take much time to record as I update with each transaction. During the last week of the month I review the month and set the budget for the next month.

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                      I did it manually. It took a bit of time, but that’s because I don’t trust app to calculate the exact spending for me. I use a notebook and write “Groceries” on top, then write “Date” / “Location”, “Amount”, and “Total” and list every transaction for each category that is not fixed for the month to have the exact number.

                      Then I total up amount and put it back to my budget sheet.

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                        Can’t recommend qube enough.

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