What to do with fridge when going on vacation?

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      Whenever I go on vacation I clear out the fridge and only buy what we’re going to eat before we leave.

      I also make dinner and freeze it for the morning we return.

      I thaw it out when I walk in the door. I freeze everything that can be preserved and I don’t waste anything.

      We can vacation frequently because of my many frugal spending habits throughout the years well into my retirement years now.

      Think frugal!

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        I’m right there with you!, We live so much as you do. We are in our retirement now and having a great one thanks to the way we have lived our entire married life.

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          That’s what I do when we go on vacation. Before I started preparing a meal for our return I would either dread coming home knowing I had to cook right away or end out eating out.

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            I have always done the same. One month before I would plan all meals and buy only as needed.

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              I do the same. I also take my leftover groceries with me when we leave our beach cottage.

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                I’m actually leaving tomorrow for vacation! I made breakfast burritos tonight for breakfast. So, we can just warm and go.

                I also packed a huge box with snacks and drinks to avoid stopping and spending money for lunch on the way there!

                Explore these too: I made myself a rule: NO buying groceries until the fridge is empty!

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                  That is a GREAT idea to have a meal already prepared for when you return!

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                    Same! We do our best to have no waste. We are not perfect for sure, but thinking ahead we start winding down the groceries we do buy and freezing what we can, love the idea of preparing a meal in advance for our return too!

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                    Sui Lee

                      I pack my snack or Lunch to eat while in transit on weekends.

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