Personal finance curriculum for 15 year old – investing focus?

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      Hi all. This might be a different sort of post. I am a homeschooling mother. I’ve graduated 6 children so far and every one of them took the Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance course before graduating.

      I have one child left to graduate. He is 15 and a sophomore this year. I am no longer a Dave Ramsey purist, though do still find value in some of what he teaches. I would like to use something different for my son. Something that is a bit more “realistic”. I would also like to teach him about investing EARLY and consistently.

      Do any of you know of any “curriculum” or any books, podcasts, other resources that I could use to make my own curriculum for my son? He works part-time at our local Chick-Fil-A, pays for his own phone, gym membership and “extra” expenses like entertainment, eating out with friends, etc.


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        My kids liked I Will Teach You to Be Rich.

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          Although I am not a big fan of Dave Ramsey (not a big critic either)… I find his principles to be very elementary level and perfect for the beginner.

          Having said that, the fact you are teaching your children basic principles of personal finance makes them light years ahead of those in public schools as there are little to no personal finance classes / training. If parents don’t teach it… the schools won’t. It’s sad.

          When our daughter was in college, she had friends who didn’t know how to deposit their check (I know most use direct deposit… but not all) or use an ATM w/ their debit card. Their parents were doing it for them. Good grief!!

          She showed her friends how to do banking, change their tire (even males), do laundry, and cook healthy meals. America’s youth is being short changed by the school system and parents who assume they’ll learn it all in school.

          Way to go momma!! You are setting your kids up for success.

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            We homeschool our three children, so I’m definitely following this post! Our oldest daughter will be entering “9th grade” in the fall.

            I’m curious: For any of the children you’ve already graduated out of high school, did any of them decide to go to college?

            ***I introduced my daughter to the book Atomic Habits. Even though it isn’t strictly based on finances, she loved it!

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              The Simple Path to Wealth is a favorite around here. I think it could be a good place to start.

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                What would happen if you had him create his own course? Have him research a few different schools of thought, and have him write a paper or video comparing and contrasting what he finds. Then to finish have him create his own personalized plan.

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                  The Richest Man in Babylon is a great place to start. It’s a small collection of short stories in a “fables” format. It’s very easy to follow and “digestable” for young people. Reading such a simple, engaging book first helps to strip away a lot of the dread people often carry when approaching topic of finance.

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                    I love The Money Guys podcast. Very realistic and they talk a lot about how investing early gives your dollar more power by the time you retire.

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                      Thanks for asking this question! I’m going to use these resources for kids that were shared.

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                        Have him start reading Robert Kiyosaki books, I started with rich dad poor dad. and play the board game. Total game changer for my husband and mines finances and life! As well as “playing with fire” by Scott Rieckens.

                        – my husband and I stay home full time with our 4 kids now, which we homeschool. We have 16 properties in real estate and will be full time traveling this summer since I just had our 4th in January.

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                          As a previous homeschool parent myself, I would also add that it’s critical that you follow the principles yourself. “More is caught than taught”.

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