Tips/products for keeping fresh fruit & veggies from going bad?

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      We already plan out all our meals and only buy what we need for that week.


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        I heard a hack to put your fruits and veggies where you can see them so you remember to eat them. One tip was to put veggies on the fridge door where they are seen, not a bottom crisper where they will be forgotten. This hack helped me a lot. I also put apples and oranges in a bowl on a table that I pass often. They look decorative and I remember to grab one.

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          Glass jars for berries.

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            Soak in water and white vinegar. Then dry . It help them last longer and gets pesticides wax ext off . Put berry’s in glass jars . Wrap celery in aluminum foil .

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              Soak in vinegar and water for 20-30 minutes, let dry well, store in glass jars.

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                Put fresh strawberries unwashed in glass jars with lids, store in the refrigerator and they will stay fresh for a couple of weeks. Wash and cut when ready to use.

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                  I try to buy some stuff that we use right away and some stuff that can be used later.

                  So like, bananas should be used first but apples last in the fridge.

                  Or asparagus first, salad second, cabbage last.

                  We live rurally and have to travel for groceries so we stock up, this way works well for us.

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                    Glass mason jars work extremely well for preserving food. I use them mainly for berries. Just take them from their wrappings and put them directly into jar and store in the refrigerator. Wash / clean fruits and veggies as they are used.

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                      I don’t spend money on these things usually, generally dislike plastic but also figure it balances out considering how much doesn’t go to waste…

                      The Tupperware veggie keepers are *amazing*

                      My second favorite are the Rubbermaid containers

                      If you want a good option for when you don’t have enough containers… the Debbie Meyer Green bags really work! You can use one several times, so they last a long time and don’t tear or anything. My problem was that I couldn’t see in them without opening it, so I wouldn’t always notice when something turned and then I’d have to toss the bag and the food.

                      Food savers are fabulous and greatly extend the life. I save the bigger bags after taking the cucumber or whatever out and just make a smaller one next time. It’s not meat or anything like that, and I was my produce first, so I’m sure it’s fine. I don’t do this often but it’s nice for bumper crops you can’t freeze like cucumbers.

                      I used to use Mason jars with full lids (not a lid with a ring), but one fell out on my daughter’s toe and she lost the nail! So.. like anything else glass in a fridge.. watch out. In this case she was like 4 and it had some prepped grapes for her to eat.

                      To help in general… I eat seasonally and locally when I can (and especially from my garden). The food is fresher because it wasn’t shipped a long distance.

                      Eat what will go bad first in the couple of days after a shopping trip and the more stable later. So… a week of fruit might be grapes for days 1 and 2. Then a bunch of bananas that I bought a bit green so they would ripen when I need them. Then the last day or two might be oranges or sliced apples or some peaches I put in the fridge underripe… then ripened on the counter for the end of the week.

                      Hope that helps

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                        Don’t buy bagged or pre- cut fruits or vegetables. Most vegetables and fruits prepped for use can benefit from a paper towel in bag or container. Freeze vegetables and fruits if you can’t use them all- include in smoothies, baking, stir Fry’s, casseroles, soups etc

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