TurboTax: Change payment method after filing? IRS option?

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      Hey. I filed already for 2023 in early February.

      TurboTax required me to add a bank account or add a credit card to pay what I owe to federal.

      However, I wanted to pay manually on another website since that’s what I always do.

      After filing submission, I see there’s no way to change the payment method on TurboTax.

      I also spoke to a live agent on TurboTax but the one agent said that I have to contact IRS directly to change payment method.

      I’m scheduled to withdraw funds by April 10, 2024 (I believe that’s the date I set it to) but is there any way besides contacting IRS directly to change payment method?

      I just wanted to make sure because sometimes these agents don’t know what they are talking about.


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        You will have to contact the IRS. But if it is already scheduled to go through, and you were planning to pay the full amount anyway, I would not bother changing it at this point; the effect is the same so why go through the hassle?

        When selecting options for how to pay your federal balance due, there should be an option somewhere along the lines of “pay by check.” That is the one you want. (It does not help you this time around, but perhaps for next year.)

        ** Paying the taxes due is separate from paying any TT fees. They do not always make it clear which is which, though, so you have to be careful!

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          The IRS can’t change your payment method. Only if the payment doesn’t clear and you do something else, but fees would be involved.

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            If you contact IRS and get through their is no way to change payment method.

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              I don’t think there’s a way to submit it through TT without paying through TT. Unless you print and mail it in.

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                Next time choose paper and mail it in then you have more control of the payment method if you didn’t want tonuse what you put in TT.

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