What are some of the 5-10 years goals you plan while being frugal?

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      I am planning to read more about investing, and hopefully be able to invest some $$$ towards my retirement/vacay/education fund. I have 6 more years before empty nest. I might move to my bf’s house by then and rent out my house or ‘rent’ to my kids.

      I would still work till I can’t work, I work in the office & love what I’m doing. It’s part time and good flexible hours.

      I prob can’t find another job that pays decent and comes with full benefits.

      My bf pays for most of the household/vacation bills, and my income pays for my own expenses.

      My goal is to be able to go to the grocery store and buy whatever I want without looking at the price tag and looking at the weekly flyer lol.

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        I want to start taking my kids on international trips every 2 years starting in 2026. And continue to invest at least $2k money so we can make work optional by 55

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          I’m frugal most of the time so I have $$$ available when I want something expensive.

          It’s a game really… How far can i stretch my money and still have some left over.

          It sounds like you have an ideal setup. As you learn about finances, make sure that if you break up with your boyfriend you can support yourself.

          Every time I get an extra $1000 I create a CD at the bank. If you can’t afford $1000, then aim for a $500 CD every month

          You have the money for CDs by decreasing your expenses and living below your income.

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            As a “word of warning,” once you master the frugal aspect of shopping (as you are doing now) it’s addictive! I can’t imagine shopping any differently- ever!

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              I want to have free time and have a side hustle that I love like gardening.

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                I don’t tend to have written down 5-10 year plans. (Too many unexpected changes) however I do regularly save towards pension / high interest account (kids education/ next car) and a holiday fund. Anything left over sweeps into high interest.

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                  Save as much as you can towards a 401(k) or whatever retirement plan your employer has. Also concentrate on getting out of debt at the same time.

                  You will get there!

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                    Our 5 year plan is to finish paying off our house and finish the renovations. We’re down to gutting the kitchen and then painting, flooring and trim in the bedrooms, hallway and living room.

                    In the past five years we’ve done new furnace, new ac, new roof, two bathrooms gutted, our three seasons room replaced roof and subfloor, new flooring and replaced the cheap paneling on the one wall.

                    We’ve also replaced all major appliances… all without incurring any additional debt.

                    We’ll also continue our savings, hoping to have a full two years living expenses saved (We’re currently just over one year’s worth).

                    There is so much benefit to living well beneath your means.

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                      I want to be completely debt free in 4 years when my oldest starts college. I’ve been at it for a few years already, so it was like a 7 year plan from the start!

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                        Best book to read, Dave Ramseys The Total Money Makeover. All about money and it works.

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                          5-10 year goal is to pay off the house. Made a chart of every check I can save (with exact dates) and sums up to a round amount. Plan to dump it every December for the next 7 years.

                          I have 12 months of emergency fund, savings working for me, retirement account funded at 1.5 x my annual income, car fully paid for and money for a new one in the event I need it, and a separate stock account to help with kid’s college in the event he decides to pursue that route.

                          I’m also saving $100 monthly for a vacation that will take place in about a year and half from now. I live way below my means, don’t go out, don’t go shopping, don’t spend for majority of the year. But, I do plan and budge for vacations that “I’m lucky” to afford. I choose my hard, and sacrifice accordingly.

                          I like that you asked about 5-10 year plan. Wealth building takes discipline, patience, and lots of prayer and faith. You got this!!!

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                            Keep a roof over our heads, bills paid, food on the table. Replace our car in a few years . We are frugal to survive.

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                              The best investment one can make is investing in ones health. Nutritious, healthy food goes a long way in that endeavor.

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