What inspired you to pursue financial independence?

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      I wanted to know what you got.
      Thanks in advance.

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        Growing up in poverty. I looked at my mom at like 7 years old and said “I don’t wanna be like this family”. Moved 5 states away and will never go back. Haven’t spoke to my family in 8 years.

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          Being exhausted with working so hard only to get to the end of the month and having nothing really to show for it.

          Feeling like all my money just goes to everyone else but myself.

          Wanting to feel less stressed by carrying debt and owing people.

          Tracking a few months of finances and seeing what I’ve just wasted.

          Desiring to go to work because I love what I do and not because I have bills.

          Wanting a simpler more free life.

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            Crappy job that had me in tears every day. FU money first, then FIRE money!

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              After almost losing my 2 year old son to leukemia. He was diagnosed in 2015, had a bone marrow transplant in 2016. In all we spent 10 months in hospital and it was during a sleepless night that I found MMM blog and that started my FIRE journey.

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                My mom worked in the mortgage industry and 2008 I turned 18 and our house went into foreclosure. I will never forget the day the sheriff was at our home and I was just trying to get the last of my stuff and they told me I couldn’t be there.

                I had already moved into my own apartment and my mom lived with a friend. Both of my parents were not good with money management. I never want my children to experience that.

                Also, can’t wait to retire early.

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                  More than anything else, I wanted the peace of mind of knowing that the older person I would someday become would be financially secure. And to someone who grew up near – poor…… That was a big thing.

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