Why does my credit utilization rate always say 0%?

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      Even though I use my credit card to pay my car and insurance bill each month and pay it off the same month..

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        Anything between 0-10% utilization is excellent. Using the card means nothing to the credit bureaus. That will only help your card provider know that you are responsible with the credit limit they have extended to you. Because you are paying the balance before the statement date cycles they report a $0 balance to the credit bureau which in turn translates to 0% utilization.

        Hope that helps.

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          If you’re not carrying a balance, there’s nothing to report.

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            If you pay it before the statement cycles you will show a 0 balance on your report. Wait until the statement comes with the due date and pay it then.

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              It’s awesome that you are able to pay it all off. But the credit bureaus need something to report so make sure to leave 10-30% on the card. If you have a limit of $300 for example, leave 20-30 bucks on it when the statement closes so it can report it.

              Much luck!

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                Are you paying it off right away or are you waiting for the statement to come and paying it off? If it never hits the statement date with a balance it will always report as $0.

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                  You want something to report on the statement date (closing date). Then once the statement generates you want to pay what that balance is by the due date to not accrue interest.

                  Looks like your statement closes around the Second. You could pay in full the next day and you would still report some utilization and not pay any interest.

                  But you also want to keep that utilization under 10% for the best credit factors.

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