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      After getting paid weekly for over 5 years now, I recently got switched over to salary (bi-weekly pay). While it’s nice to see a “bigger number” hit the bank account, for some reason I’m mentally struggling with making it work for two weeks instead of 1. I’m not out blowing money by no means, but just a rough transition mentally for some reason. Would love some encouragement / words of wisdom.

      Thanks in advance.

      Please be kind.

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        I get paid bi weekly and the day I get paid I pay all tye bills for that 2 weeks. That way I kmow for sure what’s left for groceries for that 2 week span.

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          Why not continue to pay yourself a week at a time? When the money hits take out the money for the week, do the roll over at the end of the week and then take out money for the following week.

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            July I go from weekly pay to biweekly and I’m not ready for the adjustment and neither is my bank account lol. I’ve been getting paid weekly for almost 3 years. And before that I was paid twice a month the 10th and the 25th of each month.

            I adjusted and I know I’ll adjust again but it’s a lot easier to budget weekly.

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              I had a job that was paid monthly and learned how to do that, and came to like it. Then I went back to biweekly pay after a couple of years. It was so stressful at first, because I didn’t trust myself. I’ve always struggled with making ends meet and with debt to cover gaps.

              I worked two jobs for over 6 years, and one job was paid weekly.

              I learned to use the calendar, sort of like what TBM shows how to do, and checked it obsessively until I adjusted to biweekly again. Write it down, plan, double check, and stay in track! You got this.

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                I had a job that paid monthly it was a really big adjustment. I created an excel sheet and put bills in chronological order. For bills that were credit card I entered the minimum amount and I am on a budget bill for utilities. I transfer money for my mortgage into a different account and pay from that. Once you get the finances figured out then you can pay more.

                I like excel because it can calculate. I have bills spilt by first and second pay check. I enter bills in my register on payday and deduct from my balance any money after bills and groceries, gas is spending money.

                At one point when finances were really tight I I used money orders to pay bills so I would not overspend. I paid utilities at currency exchanges not sure if those exist anymore. Hope this helps.

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