Do hot water heater timers reduce electricity costs?

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      I am considering getting a hot water heater timer and wondered if anyone knows if they actually reduce electricity costs. Trying to get the bill down and read the hot water heater is a main contributor to high cost.

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        My electrical panel has a dedicated switch for my hot water heater. I turn it off. My dish washer has a built in water heater, and I wash clothes in cold water.

        I turn it on an hour before I need it on shower days. This is a 2 person household.

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          Set the temp for 120°. Most are preset at 140°. That is too hot!

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            They don’t reduce cost, because it takes more energy to heat up colder water than to maintain the same temp. It will also reduce the life of your hot water heater.

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              Also turn the temperature down 2 to 3 °, you probably won’t notice- especially if you use dishwasher

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                Yes. set it to reduce in evening and go back to normal setting in morning.

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                  We have tankless, only goes on when in use. Cold water laundry and add insulation to your house, energy saving light bulbs and consider blinds to block sun. We always use garage door. Heat and cold don’t go straight into the house.

                  Slippers and electric blanket make a cool house more comfortable. My closet has a timer so light is never forgotten on.

                  Trees can help keep your house and yard cooler. Tiny pool even just for your feet. Dehumidifier takes moisture out of the air so it feels less sticky.

                  Yes, lowering water heater will help and lowering a/c on timer for when you’re not home.

                  Closing off rooms not in use and more insulation is the key to comfort and lowering bills

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                    AC and electric heat use the majority of electricity.

                    I have an electric water heater, fans running 24/7, 3 lights on 24/7, a TV on half the day, and my bill is only $48 or so when I’m not running the AC.

                    When I run the AC every day it goes up to $120-$130.

                    It goes down in the fall then back up again in the winter when I turn on the heat.

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