Does anyone know how to make good protein drinks?

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      I’m supposed to drink 2 a day and they are around $3 each at the markets. (I have a blender).

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        Isopure Will often go on sale at Costco. Not certain why do you have to drink a protein shake but it’s cheaper to eat protein instead of drinking it.

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          I buy vanilla pure protein shakes and I pour only one forth of a bottle in my ninja so it will last a long time then I add one cup frozen fruit, 2 tablespoons of sugar-free vanilla instant pudding mix, some raw Stevia, some oat milk or water or any other milk, ice, my vitamins, my fiber powder and sometimes fresh Spinach, if you buy them all once it will last you a long time, you can add fairlife milk for more protein, sometimes I add on the top nuts or pb powder, you could even add granola add these things after blended, the ice and frozen fruit will make it so good plus the instant pudding mix will cream it up or frozen cauliflower, you could also add high protein yogort.

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            My son and friends used to drink shakes made from Syntha 6 powder mix when they were a bit picky, seemed they tasted better than others. They like peanut butter cookie but there are lots of flavors. Used to get it from GNC.

            If they still sell it they will let you return it if you don’t like it (confirm that if you buy it there).

            Other times we added protein powder to other foods like pancakes, muffins, milk shakes, etc.

            If you want premade shakes my daughter likes the ones from Aldi. If you prefer juicy type drinks there is one called Protein2o, premade in bottles, also sold in a mix.

            If you dislike any flavors you can mix with other things like yogurt, fruit, other drinks…

            We found protein snacks/bars to taste better than drinks. If you want recommendations let me know.

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              I use pea powder, cocoa unsweetened and a bit of liquid stevia. No sugar, low cost and simple.

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                I mix a half cup of cottage cheese and half to 3/4 cup of frozen fruit to mine. Sometimes I will add a packet of water enhancer also. I add this to a premier protein shake.

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                  I use the jewel canning jars that hold 1/2 cup. I add chia seeds, green powder, red powder, protein powder, peanut butter powder, flax seeds, and anything else you want. I make a weeks’ worth of jars. When I want to make my smoothie, I add yogurt or kefir, milk, a jar of my mix and fruit of my choice.

                  I make my own green powder by dehydrating kale, spinach, any veggie and blending it up in my ninja. You can buy green powder and red powder in the health food stores too. Red powder is beets, carrots, strawberries, blueberries. Dehydrated and powdered.

                  Sometimes I add a little packet of stevia and a splash of milk to thin it down. Sometimes I pour it over ice.

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                    I drink the Carnation vanilla protein drinks, I add milk, fruit and a protein yogurt, blend and drink. Very good.

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                      It’s Just! – 100% Whey Protein Concentrate is great. It is not flavored nor sweetened. You can add it to anything. I put it in my coffee and tea.

                      If you are making a hot beverage, you have to mix the powder with a cold beverage firat, then add the hot slowly to prevent curds.

                      I also add it to yogurt.

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                        Buy some powdered collagen – 10g of protein per serving (two scoops) I add 4 scoops to my yeti when I make my coffee. And make an iced coffee in the afternoon with it as well. So I get 20g of protein per drink.

                        I use organika from Costco.

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                          It may depend on how much protein you are supposed to be getting in your a shakes. Protein power is an option. As guess Google has heaps and heaps of recipes.

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                            Instant Breakfast powdered drink mix and milk. You can also buy higher protein milk.

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