I need all the advice to be frugal and save money

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      I am moving on my own for the first time in my life. I am a single mom with 2 and 3 year olds..

      Thank you

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        Well first thing, remember the little things mean more with the kids, time spentwith them. Children remember that more than toys.

        I hope your getting child support. If not, make sure you do. Nothing is worse than a dead beat dad not helping with his children.

        Don’t be ashamed of asking for help, apply for food stamps. Use coupons. Have a budget, and stick to it . Fix meals that you can have leftovers for the next day.

        Dollar tree and general dollar is good places to shop for many things. Even yard sales for gently worn clothes and toys.

        Join a single mothers group in your area. Have a yard sale for clothes and toys the kids have out grown.

        You can do it hun. It might be hard, but it will make you stronger in the end. And be happy

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          Look for decent used furniture shabby sheek is ok crock pots are a lifesaver don’t let your car go to shit do the oil changes monitor the tires do triple a auto insurance for breakdowns assistants keep a emergency fund be firm with your family and friend of your reality so they don’t get you into debt.

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            Kids can live without snacks, parks and library are free and libraries have story time. Thirfty stores and yard sales cut cost on clothes and toys.

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              Cook big so you can skip a night! You can freeze spaghetti sauce in zip lock bags in portions. Chicken leg quarters are THE cheapest! 10 pound bag, about $5. You can boil them with bullion cubes for flavor, debone and use for anything.

              Elbow macaroni and jar of cheese whiz will make bunches of mac and cheese meals–way cheaper!

              Meatballs are kid friendly, cheap in big bag.. eggs are cheap again, have them for supper, good protein.

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                If you do not have helpful family around befriend an older woman, perhaps one who does not have grandkids. She might be willing to watch the kids to give you a break for the pleasure of “grandparenting”.

                Or do exchanges on babysitting with a friend who has kids.

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                  The dollar store is your friend at Christmas time and birthdays. They’ll have a blast opening the presents, and wont remember what they got. Don’t stress about presents at this age. Or clothes. Second, third, fourth-hand is perfect for them because they grow so quickly.

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                    Kids remember experiences not toys. They will spend more time playing with a large cardboard box than an expensive toy so don’t even bother except things thing sports equipment and bikes. And don’t buy ” kid” foods, they are expensive and unhealthy.

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                    Al J

                      Don’t know if this was said but I would pack away toys after a few months and bring out the ones I previously packed away. A rotation system. My kids were always excited when it was time to bring out the toys from hibernating lol

                      So could go awhile before needing toys that were age appropriate and starting over.

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                        Just keep reading the posts here…. lots of wonderful people with mountains of great tips

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