Is Dollar Tree’s peanut butter the same as Jif under a different label?

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      My teen daughter likes to make homemade peanut butter. It’s pretty good and much better for you but… well I really like the store bought stuff. The peanut butter from Dollar tree is amazing.

      Now I’m not sure if every Dollar Tree carries the same brand so I will include a picture here. I usually just get the cheapest thing, but I am pretty convinced that this is actually Jiff. It says compare to Jiff on the label.

      In my opinion Jiff is the best peanut butter but it can be pricey. This stuff is so good. Wondering if this is one of those “it’s all the same stuff but we slapped a different label on it“.


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        I get my peanut butter at a local Co-op. I put my container under the spout, push the button and the peanuts are ground into my container. One ingredient, nothing but roasted peanuts, delicious! But to each their own

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          I like a smaller jar with no added sugar. I found a reasonably priced one the other day at Trader Joe’s.

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            Smuckers Natural for us. Only ingredient is Pranuts and a trace of salt!!

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              Yall may know this fun fact: Peanuts aren’t nuts, they’re legumes! Nuts grow on trees, legumes don’t. Doesn’t mean people don’t like it!

              I love almond butter the best! Almonds run through the machine, nothing added!

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                My husband likes Skippy peanut butter and I buy that every week (I know it is expensive, but it is the only brand he eats and I figure I do not spend much on other things so I will buy it).

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                  I buy this also. It tastes good and the size is perfect for a single person. Spending money on a regular size/bigger jar would be a waste of money for me.

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                    My ex-husband would only eat Peter Pan. I used to stuff the cheap brand in the Peter Pan jar and he never knew.

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                      I for one appreciate you and your input on the alternative, some may only have one option or none,, I’m sure this jar and spreading the word will help someone in a positive way.. Thank you for sharing

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                        My favorite peanut butter is Walmart Great Value crunchy. I put a teaspoon lollipop of crunchy peanut butter into my tea with Walmart whole milk and Walmart sweetener.

                        That’s breakfast.

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                          Compare ingredients and nutritional content. More products than you know are now being subsidized with various forms of critters (example: crickets).

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                            Yeah….dollar tree doesn’t have a peanut butter plant.

                            Kidd Marshmallow Company used to have about 14 labels hanging in their offices showing all the labels their marshmallows went in to. At the time there was 2 companies in the US that made them. Kidd and Kraft.

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                              What ingredients are in this peanut butter?

                              The only peanut butter that’s really good for you. Is that made from 100% peanuts. No coconut oil no hydrogenated oil no junk.

                              I would never buy any type of food like that at the dollar tree sorry, there has to be something wrong with that to sell it for that price.

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