Looking for cute Valentines Day ideas – I am on a tight budget

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      I know its commercialized so please spare those comments lol. I normally only get my nephew and my bf but my Dad and grandparents always get me something so this year I’d like to be nice but obviously I am on a tight budget.

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        Make some home-made fudge and divide it between them. 3 cups of chocolate chips and 1 T vanilla melted into 1 can of sweetened condensed milk. Pour into a paper-lined 8×8 pan and set in fridge for several hours. Then cut into small chunks. Makes a lot!

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          Bake a cake, you can do that for $4 or less possibly or a few cupcakes each from the same mix!

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            Spaghetti Supper at your house? Have everyone get dressed up, light some candles, take lots of pictures!

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              Make chocolate covered strawberries! Easy but always amazing!

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                A card and visit is plenty. However, if the budget allows perhaps bring and share a meal that you know they would especially enjoy.

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                  My answer is always the same for these types of holidays because it works, is very appreciated and most people don’t need or want more “stuff”.

                  Write a well thought out list of everything you love about the recipient… put it into a handdrawn card or pretty paper and envelope. I guarantee it will be treasured.

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                    I make my parents some Chocolate covered strawberries. It’s so simple and takes less than 10 min from start to finish.

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                      I’d have them for a meal and call it a Valentine’s Banquet! Cute table, inexpensive food..spaghetti, salad and garlic bread. Frosted brownies for dessert.

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                        Coupons you make to help out.

                        For example, you can give your nephew a coupon that says that you will take him to the park whatever Saturday he chooses and buy him ice cream. For your dad and grandparents, you can make coupons offering to run errands or clean the kitchen or Drive them somewhere that they wanted to go.

                        For your boyfriend you can be creative.

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                          Homemade really large sugar cookies all iced up and message on them.

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                            Heart shaped cookies or another favorite snack. Consumable items are always hood. They can be enjoyed and don’t contribute to clutter. As we age, we typically have enough stuff, so stuff to be enjoyed that doesn’t sit around forever is a great option.

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                              Buy your own melting chocolates, and make your own bars. Wrap them in foil and print out your own labels.


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                                Make an origami heart. Write a” roses are red” poem. Shop at a thrift store for a cute stuffed animal. Make a dinner and shape everything into hearts.

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                                  Buy a 6 pack of glass bottle cokes, drink and drain fill with red hots or other miniature candy. If the caps cannot be put back on take wake paper and put it in the top. Fill wax paper with hot glue let dry, pull wax and glue out put dried glue back in the top.

                                  Tie with ribbon. Make a cute card and 1 bottle and card and you have about 6 gifts under $10.

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                                    I buy flowers at Trader Joe’s! Good prices but they go fast.

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                                      Do you have any candy canes the small ones left over from Christmas?

                                      Leave them in the wrappers face them in and they make a heart. Take them onto a piece of red construction paper that’s cut just a little bit bigger. Before you tape them on right on one side of the inside and say Happy Valentine’s Day (to ???) on the other side. You sign the other side.

                                      You could also do it with red card stock.

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                                        Dollar tree if you have one near by. I put together very cute buckets full of stuff for under $10.

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