I need to do something fantastic for Valentine’s Day for my bf who apparently thinks I don’t love him as much as I used to?

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      • We are in our 50s.
      • It has to be free (please refrain from the obvious).
      • He’s a Mr fix it.
      • I love to cook.
      • We are up to our necks in snow here so no going to the store.

      Help me make this a Valentine’s Day to remember please.

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        What’s his love language?

        Words of affirmation could be a list of your favorite things about him on heartsy paper.

        Physical touch could be a massage.

        Acts of service could be working on a project with hun or setting ups bubble bath for him.

        Quality time would be doing something he loves most (for mine that would be playing his card game with him).

        Gifts would be, well, a gift.

        And always a nice supper.

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          Fix those calloused hands with a moisturizing hand massage. Do the feet too if you really love him.
          Then give him a simple manicure to clean up the cuticles!

          Not many guys would go to the salon to take care of their hands because it’s not manly but who doesn’t want their fingernails to look clean for once even though his chipped and dirt/oil crusted nails is a sign of hard work and accomplishments.

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            Open communication – ask him what has changed in his opinion regarding your love for him. Ask him what would be the ideal expression of love. All that you do for Valentines may not truly express what love means to him. ‘You don’t love me like you use to’ is quite vague.

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              Make him a card saying all the things you love about him plan a simple meal watch a show he likes or music he likes sometimes a little thing like a homemade card expressing your feelings a simple but fun meal can go a long way.

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                Get him a few lottery tickets, feeling lucky??? Wrap yourself in wrapping paper, bow, he can have fun u wrapping his gift (I’ve never really done this!). Heartfelt letter or list of why you love him.

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                  Once, I took some paper from a sketchbook and cut it into rectangles and put something about him I loved or admired or appreciated on each. I made it “fancy” by using a gold sharpie for the writing and a dark blue to create edging on each card. Then I folded up another piece of paper around all the little cards like a little envelope/box to hold them all which I gave dark blue edges as well. If being crafty isn’t in your wheelhouse, perhaps you could print out the cards and staple them to be a little flip book instead.

                  Pair it together with a dinner and candles and afterwards some cuddles and talking about favorite memories and looking at pictures or a favorite Netflix show he enjoys if he is a man of few words.

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                    One of my husband’s favorite valentine’s gifts was a valentine picture that I printed colored and cut out one year when I was sick and couldn’t get to the store. He still has it on the wall behind where he keeps his lunch box.

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                      Do you know his love language? Something from that will make him feel like you really love him. If you give him a gift & that’s not his language, it won’t mean much to him.

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                        I once took an entire pad of sticky notes and wrote something on each one – funny, romantic, naughty, nonsensical, you name it. I then hid them all over the house, in his car, in his briefcase, in his books, in his underwear drawer. You get the drift. He loved it! And he was finding the notes for over a year.

                        It shows that you took the time to think about him and did the work to surprise him.

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                          A back massage, nice dinner, and a jar of 52 reasons, why you love him and the things you notice about him that makes him special, one for each week of the year.

                          Inside my card says you are 99% perfect, and I am the 1 you need.

                          51 reasons why I love you.

                          51 reasons why I love you

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                            Does he even believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day?

                            I for one hate it. There are tons of ways to show a man how much you love him, and I don’t mean sex. Treat him like he’s still your boyfriend. Praise him. Giggle at his jokes. Like the things he enjoys. Watch TV with him and enjoy watching his shows. Give him shoulder rubs. Show him that you still live him.

                            These things and others you can think of for yourself would mean so much more to him than anything you could possibly buy for him.

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                              Have you heard of the book Love Languages? It tells you how to find out what is meaningful to your partner and how to relay love to them.

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                                Get out your old pictures and go thru them together after a nice dinner. See how happy you have been over the years.

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                                  A list of the top 20 reasons why you love him – some heartfelt and some funny.

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                                    One year my son put an ad in the local newspaper without his name. It said something like “check the freezer for your Valentine.” I swear he had every woman in our small town at the time checking their freezer. When his wife got home from work, he had fixed an awesome meal, set the table and had flowers on it, etc.

                                    When she checked the freezer, she found his gift.

                                    I don’t remember what that was.

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                                      Post-it notes on the wall/ window/ mirror in the shape of a heart. Each one saying one thing went you love about him – from silly little things, to deep personal things.

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                                        One year I made a box of brownies, my husband loves them and used a cookie cutter in the shape of a heart to cut the shapes out.

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                                          Fix him a steak, or some other large piece of meat, and give him a gift card to the hardware store. Find a movie you can both watch at home, make popcorn, and open a bottle of wine, or soft drinks of choice.

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                                            Can you make him some coupons that he can cash in with you for like a back rub, cook him his favorite dessert, bake him his favorite meal, do his Laundry, hem his pants, or anything else that you can think of that you don’t automatically do anyway?

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                                              Decorate your living room with soft lights, candles, pillows, and blankets. Have a lovely indoor picnic with wine or champagne if you drink alcohol, fizzy water with fruit in nice glasses if you don’t.

                                              You can set up a movie that means something to you as a couple and watch that as you have your indoor picnic.

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                                                If you have a round cake pan and a square one you can turn the square one, cut the round one in half and place together to make a heart shaped cake.

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                                                  Last year(?) my husband made a heart shaped pizza with a romantic saying on it written in green peppers! LOL!

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                                                    Get a tool belt and hard hat from somewhere. wear it with a nice something or just your skivvies. put kitchen cooking utensils in it and make a nice dinner!

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                                                      Make him a valentines themed breakfast such as heart shaped, red pancakes.

                                                      Set up a scavenger hunt around the house with notes about what you love about him and the end of the scavenger hunt can lead to a yummy dessert, or maybe a framed photo of the two of you from when you started dating.

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                                                        I love to cook as well. My husband loves peppermint patties. I make homemade. All you need is sweetened condensed milk, peppermint extract,and confectionery sugar. I use melted semi chocolate chips for the outer coating. If you have these ingredients, let me know and I can send you the recipe.

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                                                          His favorite home made meal with his very favorite dessert.

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                                                            Make a home made card and write to him about some of your best memories together , and maybe uf you can make him a blanket if you knit or crochet or quilt . Or order something to come later and gift him the photo of us coming later on . The dinner sounds great for both of you . Maybe a picnic on the floor or bed? Play some music on tge radio or a disc of oldies , Call in to a radio show and ask a special request and dance together. Put a sign on the door ” no one home”

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                                                              How about digging a fire pit out of the snow and putting out a couple of chairs. Listen to some good music and make some smores or roast some weenies with the beverages of your choice. Share a few memories and a few laughs.

                                                              There are worse ways to spend an evening.

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