Married 40+ years: How to show appreciation for a supportive spouse?

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      Maybe I can tell my story.

      I am 56 years old this year. I am not old, but life is very hard. My hair is already gray.

      I have been wandering in the stock market for nearly 10 years. Now my wife and I plan to settle down. The mortgage loan has been ended. It has been a hard journey along the way. It’s really…

      When I met my wife, she and I were just over 12 years old. At that time, she was standing in the sun. It was definitely the brightest light in my life. Her face was illuminated beautifully under the bright light. , since then I started to follow her, but her personality is not like her beauty. When I first followed her, she said “Oh, stupid follower”. At that time, I was called “troublemaker” by my parents. , she scolded me, I blushed completely, that’s how I got to know her.

      After that, she and I entered the rebellious stage and fell in love, “as if we had done everything”, but I was also beaten badly by her father.

      After graduating from high school, she and I left the place where she grew up and came to a big city. That was the first time I saw her cry. She was homesick and I was at a loss. “Then I was stupid enough to buy ice cream to comfort her.” She did stop crying when she saw the ice cream, she just picked it up and threw it at me and yelled “You can’t even remember my period! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!”

      But in the end, she was still in my arms looking at the moon in the sky.

      I don’t know how I got into the investment industry. I didn’t know anything when I first joined. I basically lost everything. If I suddenly gain one, I would be very happy. And my wife, she just stays with me and doesn’t scold me even if I lose money. Me, just give me a smile, she will be as happy as me when she makes money, it’s great to have her.

      Now I have made money and paid off my mortgage. It’s over. It’s all over.

      It’s a pity that she is no longer beautiful, but she has always been gentle and gave me a smile.

      Friends, I’m so happy to have her, I really am.

      I just hope you understand that if there is someone who doesn’t blame you when you do something wrong, please cherish her.

      Time flies so fast, I love her.

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        I was with you until “It’s a pity that she is no longer beautiful.”

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          How can you tell that she is not beautiful anymore and you love her? how can you love her and not seeing the beauty inside with her? and the fact that you pity her and loving her? this is fucked up emotions for real… therefore you really don’t love her…

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            I love how you express yourself. Sounds like you and your wife stuck together through it all. Life is a journey, and exterior beauty will fade.

            it’s a blessing you have someone to share your success with.

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              I read this wrong lol. I was thinking he was saying he put up with her for all these years and realized he was stupid for it. Then in my own mind the story continued. He paid off the house but something about the investments… I read it as they aren’t there anymore.

              So, I thought it as he has a paid off house that she’s trying to take and no investments and a life of regret. lol.

              Again, that’s how my brain on no coffee read out the story.

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