Sticky residue persists in my glass jars. Any suggestions?

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      I have several nice clean glass jars ready for reusing but after peeling labels off a stubborn sticky residue remains and nothing I tried has any effect. I’ve tried rubbing alcohol, scrubbing sponge with baking soda, vinegar, and tons of elbow grease. Sticky residue persists. Any suggestions?

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        Goo gone. It works like a charm and it doesn’t take much. You can actually find a small container of it at the dollar tree.

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            Peanut butter or coconut oil.

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              I use a brillo or other steel wool soap pad. Scrub, then rinse with hot water.

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                Non stick spray like Pam. Leave on for a couple of minutes, then wipe with a paper towel, then wash with soap.

                Works especially well on glass.

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                  Goo gone, wd40, cooking spray or plain old vegetable oil.

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                    Goo Gone works every time. Available at Home Depot or many grocery stores.

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                      Next time try a blow dryer. Heat up the label until you can peel it away.. don’t need high heat.

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                        Try using scotch tape on it. I have had luck with placing the tape over the glue and pulling the tape up, the sticky residue adheres to the tape.

                        Continue placing tape on residue and pulling up until clean.

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                          Goo gone. Hard to believe that everyone doesn’t know about it! I put the jar on its side, label up, on a rag, spray (I keep the large size spray bottle size handy at all times), Let it sit a few minutes and the whole label slips right off!

                          After words warm water and dish soap get it squeaky clean.

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                            Next time heat the label with a hair dryer before trying to remove it.

                            Otherwise remove all the paper or plastic label you can, then coat the sticky residue with cooking oil and leave on over night.

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                              Mix equal parts Dawn dish soap and vinegar. Spray this on the labels and residue. Let it sit for about an hour and then soak in hot water with the same dish soap and vinegar mixture added in.

                              That should make it all come off.

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                                Pour vegetable oil on a rag, paper towel, rubber band it to the jar, put in bowl( to catch runoff) leave overnight, wash it should be gone. If not repeat it process.

                                Cheaper (& healthier) that petroleum products, especially if jars are going to be used for food products.

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