VITAX investment minimum for admiral shares is $100k!

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      Wow, VTG it is… what percentage would make sense? I’m in a growth stage for another 10-15 years.


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        The price per share should drive this decision because, in reality the cost per share means nothing. This is a big shift in investment philosophy and risk exposure. If you didn’t know that then you shouldn’t do it.

        I would find a financial planner and pay them a cheap hourly rate to develop a sensible investment policy for you to carry out. That’ll probably add $$$ to your net worth and save you from 50-70% draw downs.

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          I’m guessing you’re talking about VGT?

          That’s as reasonable a bet for outperformance as you’ll probably get. I don’t personally bet on tech, because it’s a gamble to me, but I can understand the logic of why people think it would outperform.

          I’d limit it and keep the majority of your portfolio broad based index funds.

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            Usually when you see super high minimums like that, those are meant for institutions / employer plans like 401ks.

            You can check also: Just starting my 401k at work

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