What are some healthy make-ahead freezer lunch options besides pasta?

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      Freezer work lunches! Can you all suggest things that I can make ahead of time and freeze in lunch portions? Everything I can think of involves pasta! Looking for healthy ish options.

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        To get ideas go look at the freezer section of your grocery store if it’s there, you can also make it at home and freeze it for lunches.

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          I buy a bunch of chicken breasts, divide them into several baking dishes, and add flavorings for the various types of chicken I like. (BBQ, orange, cilantro lime, ect) After they’re baked, I cut each flavor into bite sizes and put a lunch portion in a freezer container.

          I also cube and roast a bunch of potatoes, add to the container after roasting.

          Finally, add a portion of frozen veggies.

          By the time you pop them in the freezer, you have an assortment of chicken, potato, and veggie meals.

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            Scrambled eggs, cheese and veggies in a tortilla. Add eggs instead of milk to your eggs as you cook them up so things don’t get soggy as it thaws. Wrap them in plastic and put them together in a bigger ziploc; eggs will absorb funky flavors.

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              I had a friend whose mother made all of their school lunch sandwiches ahead of time and froze them. You have to use butter or mustard on the bread instead of mayo (or get creative with pesto or guacamole or something.) I’d also freeze lunch size portions of dinner leftovers.

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                I eat a low carb diet, but you could totally make this regular. I use low carb tortillas, and make what I call Mexican lasagna. It’s just a layer of some tomato sauce that I have seasoned with chili powder, garlic and black pepper. Then I put one tortilla down, put some ground beef on top that has been seasoned with the same stuff, a little bit of cheese and then a little bit of sauce and then do it three times. Top it with cheese. Then I bake it for 15 minutes. Then I cut them in half and put them in freezer safe containers.

                I pulled them out the night before, so it only takes about a minute in the microwave.

                I’ve also done chicken alfredo with tortillas and it’s super good too!

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                  I make mini meatloaves in cupcake tins as well as freezing mashed potatoes in the tin as well. I pop them out and throw them in freezer bags to store.

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                    I have a sous vide cooker. I like to make egg bites, they’re really easy to heat up in the microwave. They’re good for breakfast, a snack, or lunch. You can even put it on toaster or muffin and make it into a sandwich.

                    They’re really easy to make and eggs are not very expensive.

                    You can even make them in the instant pot if you know how.

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                      Chili freezes well , I freeze in freezer bag, thaw at work and throw into glass bowl to heat.

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                        Ham /beans with cornbread. Meatloaf, twice baked potato w/cheese & bacon. Sausage & peppers.

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                          Frozen burritos! They’re one of my favorites. Rice beans, some kind of meat cooked, shredded cheese, sauteed peppers and onions if you want, a bit of salsa or hot sauce. Roll it up in a tortilla, and then I wrapped them in parchment paper and put them in a Ziploc bag.

                          I think they’re much better than the grocery store. 30 to 40 seconds in the microwave, flip it over and do it again. You can also top with cheese and salsa. So good.

                          We have an air fryer at the office and after I microwave that I stick it in the air fryer for a minute and get the outside crunchy.

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                            I use the sectioned microwavable plates and plate up leftovers from regular meals. I have found little other than salad that you can’t freeze. When I cook I cook with leftovers in mind. Those plates stack well in the freezer.

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