Where to sell textbooks & non-textbooks?

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      Between my brother & I, we have about 60 that are mostly pre-med, med school & pharmacy school textbooks. Recent within the past 5 years or so. I have a lot of non-textbooks too.

      I put about half of the ISBNs into bookscouter so far, some are decent but a lot are coming back under the minimum buyback price. The only other selling methods I can think of would be marketplace, mercari & eBay. What am I missing?

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        Do you have a local university? School bookstores often buy used textbooks.

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          Worth very little…. Libraries don’t want ‘old’ college books… even from ten years ago … I have thrown out so many of my sons college books.

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            eBay & Marketplace.

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              There is really no resale value on used textbooks unless they are the latest edition.

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                Scan them in Bookscouter app to see if they’re worth anything.

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                  You can usually only get money if the book is a current addition that someone needs, as they change often. Sell back to the college.

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                    You’re not missing anything – they’re likely worth relatively little.

                    I used to work for a book buy-back group – books have to be most recent editions, sometimes one back can get you a few dollars too, but it really varies. It’s a real industry.

                    Try selling at the actual colleges/universities or online places they frequent, in order to sell to students who can’t afford new ones.

                    There is a lot of handling that has to be done by these in between buyers/sellers so they pay very little.

                    Explore these too: What is the best way to sell some of my items?

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                      Colleges have a web sites but only if a person needs a certain book then it would sell

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                        After one or two years, the next edition comes out, and so they’re basically worthless. I would get the minimum value for some of those.

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                          Donate to an organization that will use them elsewhere and receive a tax credit. That may prove to be your best option.

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                            Donate – They are basically worthless depending on how long you have had them.

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                              There is company’s online that will buy books. My daughter sold hers that way. She entered book name, author condition etc. And they would say yes or no & how much they pay.

                              You can always pass if you think you can get more.

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