Are there any magic secrets to dressing stylish on a budget?

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      Frugal tips for dressing stylishly or even a little trendy? I’m 45 and have never been on-trend, but lately I find myself wishing I could afford to wear more stylish, nice looking clothes rather than the discount store clothing that I currently wear.

      Are there any magic secrets to dressing stylish on a budget? I’m plus size, so that makes things a little tougher. Every time I look at Goodwill, everything in my size is so dumpy and ugly. I will happily take any secrets you have learned!!

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        Be careful of Shein it’s fast fashion – France has just banned it for ethical reasons. I agree with other comments buy second hand good quality on places like face book marketplace or similar

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          One thing about being frugal is thinking about quality and not just price. Investing in quality pieces can save so much money in the long run. You can create a timeless look that never goes out of style and explore current trends through cheaper accessories. And your timeless pieces don’t all have to be expensive. Good quality comes at all prices points.

          You tube is good for this. I recommend starting with Justin Leconte to learn how to identify quality in clothes. Then search YouTube for fashion accounts for your age and body type. Follow the pages who’s style you like. It’s a great way to find inspiration and places to shop. Figuring out how to dress your body type is a game changer. Start with a couple quality shirts and pants. Build your look around that. It takes time to build a capsule wardrobe but the idea is you have small wardrobe with variety of ways to wear it because the pieces all go together really well. You end up spending so much less money.

          Also, check out: How do I keep my clothes soft when hang drying?

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            I’m not particularly trendy but my only advice is to focus on the classics and things that pair well together. A good classic black skirt can last quite a while and be made to look new with different shoes and shirts and whatnot.

            Personally, when I find something I super love, I’ve been known to get two in different colors because the style fits me so well. But you don’t need a lot quantity-wise.

            If you have a couple handfuls of things that fit well, make you feel good, and aren’t super out their styles, mixing and matching works great/looks good/feels good.

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              I’m in the same boat.

              I find that more expensive clothes fit better, and look nicer. But I’m not interested in paying what they cost. Once I find a brand/size that works well for my body, I go on eBay and search for that brand/size. Then if I find something that looks likely, I put it on my watch-list, and I will often get an offer from the seller for a cheaper price than it’s listed.

              Ends up being more expensive than thrift shops, but way less than new.

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                Look at Old Navy they have trendy stuff for a good price especially when they have sales.

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                  First, look in secondhand consignment boutiques (not just regular thrift stores) for gently used, quality clothing. I’ve found unique, more high-end pieces that I receive compliments on. Second — this is one I wish I followed myself more closely — invest your time and money in building a capsule wardrobe with higher quality basics that easily match and use interesting accessories to change up your look.

                  Find sales and buy two basic top and bottom pieces here and there, and eventually you’ll have the capsule wardrobe.

                  Proposed: How do you get spit up stains off vintage baby clothes?

                  Good luck!

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                    I recently decided to stop being frumpy and give what I wear some effort. I saved some looks I like on pinterest, culled my closets of everything that fit weird or was in a color that didn’t flatter. Then I worked on what I had that could replicate the looks I saved on pinterest.

                    After that I bought a few t’s in great colors from Walmart ($4.99 each) one new pair of jeans (old navy has tall, bless them!) and grouped basic outfits/pairings in the closet.

                    I feel better about how I’m dressed and spent minimal $$

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                      Look at capsule wardrobes on Pinterest for inspiration. Then find pieces that fit your capsule wardrobe of choice and also fit your budget. Capsule wardrobes are super versatile and timeless so you don’t have to keep up with trends, but never go out of style.

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                        Watch YouTube videos on dressing for your body shape. TJMAXX and Ross are good places to find newer items at a good price.

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                          I’m also plus size, and the absolute best thing I ever did was splurge on a subscription to Stitch Fix for about a year. I’m still wearing several of the pieces I bought then, 7 years later, and they’ve held up very well.

                          It was pricey, much pricier than I would normally budget for clothing. But I was in a career transition and really needed to not only look good but FEEL confident in what I was wearing.

                          Especially if you can supplement the items you get from Stitch Fix with cheaper items you already own or from thrifting, then it can be a great short-term strategy to up your game.

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                            Fitted on top- loose on the bottom, loose on top fitted on the bottom.

                            Dresses with empire top and looser on the bottom.

                            Light weight flowy cardigans with fitted top and fitted bottom.

                            V-neck tees.

                            Accessorize and a good hairstyle, makeup if you wear it (a bit of lip color,), dangly earrings, polished toes and neat manicured hands. Embrace pops of color. And mostly smile and be confident. You are beautiful♡

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                              Go to the Lane Bryant’s or other similar stores. That’s where I go. The ladies there will show you it’s about confidence not size. Macys sometimes has stylish plus size.

                              I agree, most clothes add dumb material making clothes more like potato sacks then flattering.

                              Appropriate: My washing machine stinks like old socks and all my clothes are smelling as well now

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                                I find out the brand and exact name of something I want and wait for it to go on clearance or show up poshmark, eBay.

                                There are certain fabrics that I’ve learned to avoid because they end up looking cheap after not so long, like rayon and 60/40 cotton polyester

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                                  Thrift stores vary wildly in what they carry and how they’re sorted. You may want to look at several different ones in a couple nearby cities and find one that has a better selection of plus size clothing. We have a couple near us, and one has a terrible selection, while the other has a really great selection. Then pop in regularly for quick peeks.

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                                    I have found a few clothing consignment stores that carry the more expensive clothing. They cost more than goodwill but not as much as buying it new. I’ve also had to learn that my goal is finding one good thing that I really like.

                                    I rarely find a lot of stuff at one time.

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                                      Try Torrid’s clearance racks, and they are one of the retailers that still gives store “cash” for shopping there. You don’t need to buy an entire wardrobe, just a couple pieces that you can match to your current wardrobe and add some fun accessories. And check consignment shops instead of Goodwill.

                                      Consignment shops tend to be pickier about what they will take since owners get commission and pay the people bringing the clothes and accessories, so they want things in style that will sell, instead of items donated from seasons past

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