Does wood ash kill fleas inside the house?

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      Trying to be frugal here. I was looking up to see about using wood ash to kill fleas inside the house. I want to know has anybody tried this and if so did it work in what aspects did you like and dislike of using wood ash to kill fleas?

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        I never have, however food grade diatomaceous earth is awesome.

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          Borax works very well. Sprinkle on the carpet and furniture, let sit 20 min. Then vacuum. Never used wood ash.

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            Google table salt for fleas. It works.

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              We use wood ash on our lawn to kill the moss, now I wonder if it kills fleas on the lawn too. What a win win that would be!

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                Too messy I would say. Diatomaceous earth with sprayer works well and isn’t harmful to pets or humans. But wear a mask when applying because of dust.

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                  The vaccum cleaner is the best way to get rid of fleas. The brush on the vaccum tears holes in the hard outside shell of the fleas, they dry out and die. The salt would help that process but you have to do it and cover everywhere because fleas go EVERYWHERE.

                  Do it really good and then repeat every two weeks because they lay eggs that hatch every 2 weeks.

                  Suggested: What are some frugal ways to handle fleas with 4 dogs? It gets pretty expensive!

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                    They can lay dormant for years. Vacuum twice a day clean or put a new bag in every time. Use a strong flea and tick spray you may need to do this every day for several weeks.

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                      Borax is what the professionals use. Sprinkle on floors. Work into sweeping with a broom. Leave for a few hours and vacuum up. Non toxic to humans.

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                        Maybe you want to try a homemade water flea trap at night.

                        Fill a shallow dish with water and a few drops of soap, put a small candle in the middle of the dish or place it under a light at night. Fleas will be attracted to the light, then drown in the water. Good luck

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                          Former exterminator here. IDK about wood ash but way back when I was a broke 18 yr old and had fleas in shag carpet, I went next door to my grandma’s garden shed and got the Sevin Dust. I tied my own old baby diaper around my face as a mask and I filled a panty hose stocking with dust and sprinkled it in all the carpet.

                          I then left home for the day.

                          That evening I masked up again and vacuumed the floor. I dusted the dogs with the same dust.

                          I never had fleas again. Just don’t inhale it… my take is that if you put it on your garden vegetables, you can put it in the carpet… it’s just a pain to clean up. Make sure to treat the animals with something that works for long periods and against all stages of the flea life cycle.

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