Have you tried home laser devices?

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      I called the salon today for a Brazilian bikini laser and was quoted $600 for 3 treatments; also advised to plan for 12! There is no way I can afford that.

      Lots of ads for Nood on Facebook. Has anyone used it? Looking for results but also safety (i.e. no skin burns!).

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        I am using an at home ipl device and it seems to be working. Only have used it twice but the hair is definitely coming back slower already.

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          Look for a Groupon. I did under my arms that way.

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            If you decide you want to try a salon, check out Groupon for discount packages. I got 6 sessions for $90. It didn’t last long though.

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              I have this. Love it!

              It’s not a one and done thing. I think people give up quickly. I did it twice a week for 2 weeks then once a week for 6 weeks. I noticed results after one use though.

              Hair grew much slower.


              Have you seen: Found a hidden gem hairstylist in HCOL area – amazing quality, affordable price!

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                My sister is has been using Noom for the last few months an is happy with the results.

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                  Try tattoo removal laser. It is a 1 inch by 1 inch tat. They want 75 like 6 times.

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