How to use Bitcoin for FIRE?

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      Not trying to make this a BTC conversation but FIRE with BTC. Since it’s so new I’m sure more products will come out with leveraging your bag but curious on how some of you would play this. I still do traditional FI strategies but have done well over the years in BTC and will be holding with the intent not to sell. Thoughts?

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        I allocated 3% of my portfolio to BTC, not sitting on the sidelines. It’s been my best ROI in 2023 and so far in 2024.

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          Only put $ into BTC that you are fine with never seeing again lol

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            Bitcoin will be the best long term buy and hold strategy over the next 100 years! It’s contrarian now but will be consensus.

            Just look at the inflows of the new spot Bitcoin ETF’s wall street absolutely loves Bitcoin.

            Also, check out: Is now a good time to buy Bitcoin?

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              Think you could make a fair argument to invest up to 5% of your portfolio into crypto but anymore than that, you’re honestly gambling with your future.

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                If you believe in the long-term value proposition of Bitcoin and are willing to hold it for the long term, it can serve as a hedge against inflation and a store of value. But holding it for the long term isn’t a smart move.

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                  Hold enough to get excited when it goes up but not so much that you lose sleep over it.

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                    I agree. I wouldn’t say go all in on ₿TC but a good split between crypto, stocks, etc is ideal

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                      I allocate it the way I would casino bets and lottery tickets. If you want to gamble, budget for it. It has no place in an investment portfolio. But I will stick to video poker over BTC.

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