Needing help with a wet room floor?

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      It’s a textured floor, I have a partner and 4 kids so it gets grubby rather quick. Kids tend to walk in with shoes on etc they are slowly learning to take shoes off before they go in but not quite there yet.


      I need some tips on what to use on it to scrub it properly it’s textured and doesn’t ever seem to look properly clean, I can still see bits around the grip bits that aren’t clean.

      Not allowed to use bleach as it separates the floor so Any advice on something else to use.

      Thanks in advance.

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        Stiff bristled scrubbing brush. Cif bathroom cleaner or any foaming cleaner. Scrub on hands and knees in a circular motion. Like you’re brushing teeth. Hard work but brings it up like new. Had wet rooms all my life until recently as a disabled person and this is how I was taught to clean them. Can’t do it any more so refused one!

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          Scrubbing brush and bucket of soapy water then mop, mopping on its own doesn’t cut it with them floors scrubbing brush has to be a stiff one.

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            Magic sponge

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              Pressure washing the floor once a month seems to help.

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                Yes, priority is that water softener before it destroys your appliances…. Air sounds like a necessity but it is not.. it’s a luxury even in FL. I lived here my whole life and growing up never had air. Right now I’m in baby step 2 so I don’t turn on my air to save. I have fans in every room and night I might open up the windows. Just make sure you drink enough water. You guys need to work extra side gigs and increase your income. I wish you Luck.

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