Opinions on gold jewelry as far as holding/increasing in value?

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      Also, where to buy and what to watch out for?

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        Coming from the precious metals industry… all metals, scrap, bullion (bars/ coins) karat scrap… holds both a premium and intrinsic value (spot rate)….

        Jewelry tends to have a very large premium however many are unwilling to pay that premium from an investment standpoint.

        For the every day investor, stick with ETFs / funds which invest in precious metals. If you want to hold gold bars or coins, buy from reputable dealers.

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          Jewelry doesn’t hold up in value as investments because of the labor costs. Invest in gold bars.

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            Gold jewelry loses most of its value the second you buy it.

            Gold itself has historically kept up with inflation. That might sound good, but it means it has t gained value in real terms in 100 years. If you are buying gold, it should just be as a hedge , not a main investment.

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              Are you watching Robert Kiyosaki videos?


              You pay over spot, you sell below spot.

              Intrinsic values don’t grow to cover theses costs(unlike stocks/equities).

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                The resale value versus the cost of the jewelry is very low. You’re paying for the workmanship. if you try to sell it, you are unlikely to get more than 1/4 of what you paid for it.

                Typically, retail is double wholesale, and you might get half of wholesale value at the time you sell it, unless it’s really special.

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                  Jewelry is a retail product with retail markups. Gold has its place in a portfolio but there are low cost ETFs (GLDM).

                  If you really want to own physical for some reason, bullion coins or bars (and I’d still opt for the lowest premiums you can find) are going to have much lower transaction costs and much better liquidity than gold jewelry, IMO.

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