Should I sell BTC before or after the split?

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      My BTC is up 28% since purchasing (I realize others have made more significant gains). With the projected split, is it better to sell prior or hold on to it and wait awhile again? I understand that it has its lovers and haters, I’m simply looking for advice on what you would normally do when there’s a projected split?

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        Selling Bitcoin would be the biggest financial mistake of your life. You haven’t owned Bitcoin very long if you are only up 28%. Sell it and you will feel dumb when you see where it is going.

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          Depends. If you are comfortable with holding that amount of BTC as a percentage of your total networth then it’s all good.

          Being up 28% is crypto is okay. Could go higher during a massive bull run up.

          For BTC, I group it under my speculative assets. Meaning I’m okay to lose 100% of my holdings. So I just hold for the long term, then derisk a little when I hit a certain percentage gains, like 50% or 100%.

          Additionally, consider: How to use Bitcoin for FIRE?

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            Nothing splits. It just means miners get half the btc than they used to.

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              Hold. And read and learn while you hold. Don’t sell. It will be the best move of your lifetime. Please learn about your investment to grow your confidence. It will make holding much easier.

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                It’s not a split. But it is historically the start of the next bull cycle.

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                  It’s a halving, not a split.

                  The 900 new Bitcoin created daily will drop to 450, potentially leading to a supply shock. This happens every four years.

                  Assuming demand remains equal the price would have to go up significantly to meet the demand.

                  I’m in for the long haul. If your goal was to make 30% and get out, then take your profits. Otherwise, I would say ride it until you need the money.

                  Take a peek at: Is now a good time to buy Bitcoin?

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                    Prior peaks were in November 2013, November 2017, and November 2021.

                    Halving was the first half of 2012, first half of 2016, first half of 2020…

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                      History would suggest holding on to it. However, being comfortable owning bitcoin means being comfortable watching your position lose 30-50% of its value from time to time. As long as you have the stomach for that, I’d hold on to it. Otherwise, the are other investments that don’t make you question your sanity every few years.

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                        Anything below 100% is rookie numbers in crypto lol. There’s massive scope. Eventually Bitcoin will hit a million dollars (in a decade or so). So, depends on your vision too. If we talk about this bull run (2024-25), it’s likely to hit 100-150k range maybe a little higher. Hope this helps.

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                          I’d hold if I was you. That said I would also start putting money aside for the next major dip assuming it does drop off into the next crypto winter and then put as much as you can into it at that point and see easily 4x your returns. below 18k is insanely cheap. below 30k will give you great returns too.

                          I would not put a large sum in now though, you might make some but its all time high so doesn’t make sense imo. Might aswell just wait until it really crashes and it will crash down as it always does. I reckon there is 2-3 more crashes before it stabilizes somewhat.

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                            I like a good deal of risk, but if I ever get skeptical on a position or wonder if the ride can continue, I will at least pull my principal out (sometimes P+20% depending on gain, and almost always when I 2-3x depending on the investment) then free roll the rest. I don’t know if that’s good advice or not, but it’s rarely failed me.

                            End of the day, BTC isn’t going to zero anytime soon, but also wont replace currency anytime soon either. It’s a fine speculative store of value.

                            It’s worth noting, that while a 28% return is awesome, you have to consider the total value of your position and initial principal as a percentage of your net worth when deciding to hold or sell as well as your time horizon. If I’m 18-25, I want my whole net worth in it. At 42 I want about 10-20% max unless I’m at mid seven figures or higher.

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                              Ask yourself an honest question. Did you buy it just to make a quick return? If so then yes go ahead and sell it. But if you have a fundamentally different reason for buying it then you’d know how low 28% return would be.

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                                There is no correct answer for this and ignore those who think they have it all figured out. BTC could pull back a bit from profit taking or it could plow forward for months. No one knows for sure.

                                The only thing that is likely is that it will be much higher in the long term, but not even that is a sure thing if governments begin making it too difficult to hold due to reporting requirements, annual disclosures, fines and coin seizures.

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                                  I would learn more about bitcoin in contrast to fiat (experience commonly known as the ‘BTC rabbithole’). Once you understandwhat it is and what it solves, selling wouldn’t remain an option.

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