Valentine’s Day Flowers: Joyful Gestures Amid Rising Prices

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      For most who think that it’s a waste of money sending flowers on Valentine’s Day, I agree, but only to a certain extent. My family has been in the floral business for the past 2 decades. During this season, flower farms triple and quadriple their prices, so that price increase trickles down to wholesalers, then to us flower shops. Simple supply and demand.

      With that said, the surprise and joy of receiving a beautifully designed arrangement with wonderful fragrance not only makes the recipient happy, the joy also spreads throughout the office and anyone who sees the flower. This is what I enjoy the most about this holiday.

      Here are some tips and hacks for Valentine’s:

      1. Picking up and sending your own flowers can save you money, since you don’t pay a delivery fee.
      2. Deliver 1 or 2 days before Valentine’s Day. Many florists offer discounts for delivering early.
      3. Give and send indoor or desk plants, like a succulent garden, so your special someone can continue to enjoy the arrangement even after Valentine’s.
      4. Express your love and appreciation throughout the year and send flowers on random days “just because”. That way you don’t have to do anything “special” on this day because everyday is special.
      5. Chocolates usually go on sale at 1/2 price the day after the holiday. So that’s when I buy the expensive chocolate and reward myself for being the happy, but exhausted cupid.
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        As someone who hates when my spouse waists money on flowers but loves recieving them I agree!

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          Awesome suggestions! I do love receiving flowers as gifts, so thank you for these tips.

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            Love this! My mom owns a small nursery, so we are actually on the other side of this. We sell flowers that will last longer than cut arrangements and are still just as meaningful.

            I support all businesses though!


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              Happy Valentines Day! Everytime I get flowers I feel sorry for the person that bought them. Everytime I get a plant that blooms flowers I get a big smile on my face.

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                I love your post! You seem so happy and sweet! Being around flowers all day probably helps.

                I love having fresh flowers in the house. My husband bought some from a small, local family-owned stand yesterday and had them in a vase on the table when I got home. You can be financially responsible and still enjoy flowers. We do a lot right with our finances so if we want to splurge on flowers sometimes and support a local small business owner, so be it!

                & Explore these too: DIY Beauty for Valentine’s Day: Budget-Friendly and Fun!

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                  Thank you!! I love flowers and I bought some to bring to work today. That makes everyone’s day. Now that’s priceless.

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                    Ex professional florist here. My husband has been taught well to avoid the expense of cut flowers. But orchids… He can buy me all of them.

                    Valentine-s Day Flowers

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                      That is one good smelling car right now!

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                        Love this and totally agree. I’m not a huge flowers person but I do really enjoy them, and I am 10x more surprised when I come home and they’re in a vase and I wasn’t expecting them than for it to be for a certain event. (Not that both aren’t appreciated, but “just because” flowers are super thoughtful.)

                        Thank you for what you do in bringing some joy to people today.

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                          And not everyone adores roses. A lily/wildflower bouquet may be appreciated -and probably available at your local grocery. Get extra baby’s breath and greenery to full it out. Then. ext week when the flowers die,get another bunch to put with the BB and greens that are still going strong.

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                            My husband surprised and made me very happy with a bouquet from a local independent and family owned florist. Beautiful. And we both appreciate it on all levels

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                              Every year my husband buys 2 dozen fair trade roses from Whole Foods for cheap. This year they were $20. We rarely buy cut flowers, so I appreciate when I get them.

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                                Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday ever! I love seeing all
                                Those flowers being delivered!

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                                  I love fresh flowers! When I’ve got a big beautiful bouquet are home I can’t help but smile. I don’t mind the splurge for them at all

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                                    So agree that the joy spreads, I carried one rose through three airports yesterday and had about 15 people smile and happily talk about Valentine’s Day to me and no one else around.

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