DIY Beauty for Valentine’s Day: Budget-Friendly and Fun!

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      I wanted to get eyelash extensions and my nails done for Valentine’s Day. My husband said sure thing and we have the money for it. I was thinking quoted $140 for lash extensions and I know nails usually cost around $60 without tip. I ended up buying Falsecara by Kiss and did the extensions myself and got press on nails. Total out of pocket was around 35 with taxes! Now we can use the extra money to have a little fun.

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        WIN! Have fun going out with the hubby with those great looking nails and lashes!

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          I have a hard time doing the section type ones. I buy the Ardell packs and they have been my favorite, but I also use lashify glue because it works so well.

          I already had it from when I bought a lashify pack.

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            I cant figute out how to do lashes myself to save my life lol so i skip on lashes but I love using impress nails!! So affordable

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              I use Flutter habit lashes. Subrcibing saves I think 20% So I pay $25 every few months and you can skip or slow the frequency. The lashes are meant to stay on for 5 days, but I go a week. I love waking up with lashes and not paying the price of extensions. Win Win.

              I’m glad you found a way to feel “fancy” and save money.

              I sometimes find saving money most rewarding.

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                Glad you found a cheaper alternative. I use Red Aspen nail dashes (press ons) and lashes! They are SO good.

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                  I’m a lashify girl and LOVE it! Lashify bond is the best. I’m going to get cheaper whisps than the lashify ones though.

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                    I love Falscara! I’ve always wanted to try extensions but cringe at the price.

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                      Wow! Way to go! Gonna try falsecara now! Thanks for the tip!

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                        I have Falscara stuff ready to try! I’m just nervous! May have to do them because didn’t just believe all the TikTok posts about how it really worked!

                        Yours look great and I love press on nails. I got my nails done for a few months, and am over the cost! May try dips again but always have my press ons just in case!

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                          Get the beetles gel nail kit on Amazon!

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