Valentine’s Lesson: Appreciating the Meaning, Not the Cost

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      Realized that I’m too focused on not spending money- My very awesome husband (of almost 19 years) bought $5 carnations for me yesterday with a card. I loved it until I saw the card was $7. I was unappreciative and ungrateful. When he reminded me that our Valentine’s day cost was less than $13, I was humbled. The card’s sentiments were spot on and he was so sure that the words were meaningful. I made it about money and not about us. Won’t make that mistake again.

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        Good for you for realizing! And good for him for knowing you.

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          That’s humbling, but I will admit greeting cards have become a bit of a racket that we feel we must capitulate to.

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            PSA Hallmark cards can be found at Dollar Tree.

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              I was a total ass last week about a possible Uber ride. My husband had an opportunity to go to a professional basketball game with some colleagues. The game and parking pass was free.

              He decided he would uber so he wouldn’t have to worry about traffic and he gave up the parking pass.

              I was a complete jerk about it.

              I realized a few minutes later and apologized profusely.

              Don’t miss: Anybody tried to save money on Valentine’s Day but panicked and ended up spending the same amount that you would at a restaurant?

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                I can be that way. Money to me equals freedom. So I am uncomfortable parting with money sometimes or having someone splurge on me.

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                  Financial Independence is great, so long as it doesn’t come with marital Independence! Glad you found the perspective that restored marital bliss.

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                    I can totally sympathize. I was upset because my husband practically risked his life going out in the storm of the century to buy me roses. At least he knew me well enough not to buy a card.

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                      Great self awareness! Give yourself grace and be thankful you realized it in time to take ownership.

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                        Yeah, my guy always picks out expensive cards. The words in them are very thoughtful so i am appreciative.

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                          umm, that math suggests you didn’t get him anything at all is that right?

                          But maybe you made a card and/or baked something!

                          But I totally get what you mean, I was proud of myself for spending under $10 for 3 cards and 3 big cookies for my hubs and two kiddos, and then my husband bought me an expensive box of macaroons from a local French bakery and we all enjoyed them, but in the back of my mind I did worry about what they cost. (They were SO delicious though!)

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                            Glad to hear it’s not just me with not appreciating $7 card. Yes to Dollar store cards.

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                              We write love letters. Greeting cards normally say lame stuff and it gives me anxiety trying to find a non-stupid one lol. All my love letters from my husband are on printer paper or binder paper, if we’re talking high school era haha.

                              I do printer paper too, but I get more creative with pen color choice than he does haha.

                              I have colorful blank cards I got in a pack for everyone else for birthdays and stuff, and I just write prettily on them.

                              Don’t forget to take a look at: What are some romantic and frugal Valentine’s Day ideas?

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                                Yes, I made that mistake once (of pointing out how expensive the card was)…and now my husband doesn’t give me any cards or presents! Ha ha. Honestly, gifts are not my love language. Quality time is. So I would much rather spend the money towards a date night.

                                But a thoughtful note is always appreciated. Dollar store or Marshall’s have great cards for under $2-3!

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                                  Yes, so much to this. We can’t get so caught up in frugality that we don’t enjoy the gifts and love of others, or give gifts and love to others. I’m so glad you shared this because it’s important.

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                                    Is his love language words of affirmation? If so, that $7 spent finding the right words might mean as much as a diamond bubble to another.

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                                      Take that card and reuse it every year by adding a new sentiment every year after and look back on it over the years. That way the 7.00 is spread over years!

                                      I laugh with my husband, and we are the couple that will go in the store and read the cards n find the one we want and give it to each other right in the store-here, that is what I would have given you lol and after reading it we would put it back-lol!

                                      I saw that cartoon and told dh THAT is soooo US! Lol- granted we are together 37 years so done all that lol!

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                                        I find myself doing this all the time. When he brings me a $3 drink from the gas station I didn’t ask for (or something similar) I have to really bite my tongue and just say thank you instead of “why did you waste money on this?” Which is my first instinct.

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