What life-changing trips have you taken that were worth the investment?

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      I believe in spending money on experiences such as travelling and some of the places I would like to visit are ones that are best visited when a person is younger because they require a fair amount of walking/ climbing etc. I hear so many older people wishing they would have taken that bucket list trip when they were younger.

      What trips have you been on that you would categorize as life changing and were worth every penny and what made them life changing? (doesn’t need to be physically strenuous).

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        Kenya – safari (Amboseli, Ol Pejeta) + private visit to the Sheldrick elephant orphanage in Nairobi and the Ithumba reintegration unit (the Ithumba hill camp is gorgeous). Life changing (and heartbreaking to spend time with the last two Northern White Rhinos in the planet. Life changing (and joyful) to be with the baby elephants. Life changing to sit quietly with wildlife, including cheetahs, elephants, hyenas etc). Life changing to experience the devastation of drought and climate change while being awe struck by the ecosystem.

        Also, safari in Zimbabwe. Similarly life changing and awe inspiring (wildlife and ecosystem interaction – having an elephant drinking from the plunge pool you’re sitting beside, or to walk out with the Rangers to observe a Rhino herd, or to feel the energy of Mosi oa tunya – the smoke that thunders, Victoria Falls)

        Big awe – worth it every time.


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          I’ve traveled all over the world and I would say that these are the ones that stand out: The northern lights in Iceland was pretty magical. Also Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China, Turkey, The South of France, Rio de Janeiro, The Taj Mahal, and South Africa. We also enjoyed Abu Dhabi and Dubai due to the different culture they have.

          All of those trips I went with my aunts who are in their 60s. They had no problems climbing and walking anywhere.

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            Honestly any trip outside US. I love Japan! We did about 20 k steps a day just in Tokyo. I’ve liked Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico.

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              A backpacking trip around SE Asia was life changing for me. The Elephant Nature Park in Thailand is the best and most magical experience I have had in life. Cambodia has my heart.

              I definitely recommend doing SE Asia while you are younger for all the adventure activities.

              New Zealand too I would say while you are younger.

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                If you enjoy hiking, I highly recommend the West Highland Way. Hiking 10+ miles through the Scottish countryside, getting a shower, a hot meal in a pub with a pint, then sleeping in a real charming Scottish and, before getting up the next morning and doing it all again.

                I read about it in a book and thought “that would be incredible!” Then actually making it happen was at least half the fun!

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                  At age 42 in 2022, I went on a solo trip to Banff National Park where I did a lot of hiking, exploring and actually car camped. It was life changing because that was my first trip solo trip out the country and to add camping on top of that…

                  The scenery was amazing. Last year, I camped and drove the Ring Road in Iceland solo. I hiked non tourist areas (no one was there) and that was pretty spectacular. This year, I went to the Grand Canyon and just booked a trip to Yosemite. Hopefully I can continue hiking in my 60’s but if not that’s why it’s important for me to do these experiences now.

                  Basically, everywhere I go is the most beautiful, life changing place I’ve been—-always. Oh, Sedona brought me to tears, Maine’s sunrise was magical…I just love it all.

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                    Marrakesh Morocco. I spent a week in Marrakesh solo after dropping my daughter off in Spain for a summer abroad. It was life-changing! Probably the most stressful travel I’ve ever done but never in a I-don’t-feel-safe way. riding camels in the desert, exploring the atlas mountains, etc. The most different place, culturally, I have ever been. Definitely for the younger. Planning Peru and Antarctica trips May and December of this year.

                    Also, for the younger, I imagine.

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                      Trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal is our family’s best travel experience. It was physically challenging, culturally very interesting, witnessed happy people living in what we would consider very meager and difficult circumstances.

                      And at the end of it I got to see the Khumbu Ice Fall with my own eyes (one of the most famous and treacherous climbing locations in the world).

                      My youngest was 11 when we went, and we saw lots of folks on the trails that I’d categorize as “active retired,” meaning they weren’t young but they still were healthy enough to hike.

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                        Galapagos, New Zealand, Hawaii, Belize.

                        I find activities I enjoy and choose at least one on the beaten and one less traveled location to stay.

                        I usually feel most relaxed in the off the beaten and appreciate the mix with more touristy spots where things are more predictable.

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                          Morocco and Northern Africa!

                          I did work study and the people are amazing they food is amazing, and the environment is amazing.

                          This is with a normal camera with no altered settings.


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                            Antarctica and Uganda immediately come to mind. Uganda especially in terms of doing things while one is younger – we did a gorilla habituation experience that involved A LOT of hiking and climbing, more so than is sometimes the case with the regular gorilla encounters. But it was absolutely amazing.

                            Antarctica could arguably be done without a lot of walking, but it’s definitely life-changing. I’ve been to plenty of polar regions in the north but the Antarctic landscape is on a whole different scale.

                            We’ve done a lot of SCUBA liveaboard trips too that would be more difficult to handle in later life.

                            Also, there are so many places to explore that I just can’t imagine waiting until one’s later years to start! We’ve always spent a lot of money on travel all along, because you just never know what will happen. And because for us it’s important to enjoy life along the way to FI, not just delay it until then.

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