Looking to invest more over the next 20 years

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      Hi all. I’m 35 in a healthy relationship with no kids. Combined income $170,000. I put 10% into a 401k (no match) with about $80,000 in that account. He also has a 401k putting in 3% with a 3% match. I also have 15,000 in cash emergency fund and another $10,000 invested in a Roth IRA.

      I have no debt other than rent ($1200). I’m looking to invest more over the next 20 years but I’m discouraged at the fact I only have 10k In my IRA. I can invest an additional $1000-1500 a month but I’m kind of clueless on where to put it. I’m not necessarily looking to retire early, just want to make sure by 60 I’ll be able to start slowing it down Lol 

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        Don’t be discouraged. At even $1,000/month you’ll more that double your IRA balance just thru contributions.

        Yes, it can go down but long-term good investments do increase.

        I have a simple Roth IRA at Vanguard invested in the S&P 500.

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          Depends on your risk profile and the rest of your household portfolio. Everybody here is gonna tell you to do a total market or 500 index…but you may have a lot of redundancy in your portfolio. Assess you and your partners risk and goals first.

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            I’m the same age and just make sure to max out Roth IRA every year, (in addition to 401k contributions) and if you have an hsa I would also contribute as much as possible. After that, brokerage and hysa because I know I’ll have big expenses in the next 15 years that I’ll want cash on hand.

            Even the cash holding account for my brokerage is earning 4% right now so I’m just holding a lot of cash and taking advantage of that interest instead of investing it all.

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              I’d open up a brokerage account through vanguard and contribute to VTSAX- Vanguard total stock market index…

              I’m sure it’s a unpopular opinion to most the older generation, but I would also dollar cost average a small percentage 1-3% into Bitcoin…

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