Preparation For The Blessed Ramadan

Preparation For The Blessed Ramadan

Our beloved guest has almost arrived [Ramadan Mubarak]. Before our guest comes, let’s take for a few moments to review and once again renew our intentions.

Preparation For Ramadan

Make a list of our goals, make dua to Allah for each one, and renew our intentions for every action in our day.

Get rid of internal friction by building the habits we want for Ramadan early on, purifying our nafs each day.
Reconnect to the Quran. If we have been distant, start with at least 20 min. a day, and take a lesson from it each day.

If our reliance is on Allah, we don’t lose hope when a downfall occurs. Stop relying on ourselves and rely on Him for an illuminated beginning and end.

Add just 2 rakahs more than what we usually pray after Isha, and habituate ourselves on Qiyam al-Layl. Make dua just 30 min. before Fajr as well.

Pass over dunya swiftly, taking only what we need from it and continuing on. Eat moderately at iftar focusing on our worship afterwards instead of our food.

Reconnect and maintain our family ties and Allah (swt) will bless our rizq and prolong our life.

Have true tawakkul by leaving the consequences and results up to Allah with full trust in His perfect plan, while focusing instead on our immediate responsibilities and choices that He did grant us some control over.

Write down all the things we wish we could have done in life but never did and think about why we never did them. Then imagine if the fears that held we back actually happened– would it be the end of the world? Free ourselves from our fears which are lies of the nafs, and act out of our love for Allah, and Allah will actually put approval in the hearts of people while we are not seeking it. Approve of ourselves, and break the cycle of self-sabotage.

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Seek the best of companionship and don’t fear our own growth, nor be intimidated by keeping excellent company. Stop fearing positive change and allow ourselves to be influenced and elevated in our iman and practice.

Purify our heart from negativity towards any of our brothers and sisters in Islam, and seek to alleviate distress in the lives of others.

Set aside time for the morning and evening adkhar in the day, and also make dhikr of Allah throughout our day walking, driving, sitting, whenever we find a quiet moment, and let our heart find rest in His remembrance.

We don’t worship the spiritual high, we worship Allah. Don’t let not feeling focused or elevated spiritually stop us or cause us to do less of our acts of worship, our prayers, etc. Have patience and perseverance to continue worshiping Him, realizing the spiritual high is an added blessing, and focus is only a means, but Allah is our goal.

Take account of ourselves, remembering our good and bad deeds each day, saying Alhamdulilah for the good we were able to do, and repent for the mistakes. Plan our day so we can get the most amount of good in, or at least have the reward in the intentions if we weren’t able to do what we planned.

Plan ahead for Ramadan by thinking about what Allah loves most. For example Isha in congregation has more reward than Taraweeh in congregation during Ramadan, so understand our priorities this Ramadan in advance.

Remember to thank and praise Allah (swt) every time He grants us success in our endeavors. Place our joy and gratitude in Him and feel humbled by His blessing on us, instead of feeling arrogant and crediting ourselves.

Watch our speech by watching our thoughts. Do not oppress anyone even in our thoughts and seek refuge in Allah (swt) if and when they occur. Surround ourselves with positive speech through engaging positive and beneficial thoughts.

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Make our Ramadan Resolutions for the year, and renew our oath to Allah (swt). Put ourselves on a program to stay committed to our renewed oath of bettering ourselves for His sake and to serve Him best.

Specify time in the day, maybe after prayers for example or before eating to remember our many many blessings and thank Allah (swt) for them.

Get into the habit of giving by putting a charity box in our home, and emptying it for different causes regularly. Realize there are many ways and means to be charitable, as even a smile is charity.

Detach ourselves from dunya not by isolating ourselves from it, but by freeing our heart from it. Give up our whims to feel like we don’t have control, security, and approval– and fill our heart with Allah (swt) trusting His control, His protection, and His approval.

Reflect and contemplate the signs of Allah around us in the world and feel awed by His Greatness.

Let Allah (swt) be our qiblah before anyone else. When we are need, let us seek help from Him first and foremost.
Think about what we will do each day of Ramadan, at fajr and in the daytime, at iftar and in the night time, what will we do in the last 10 nights, and in the last moments? How will we feel on Eid and what will we do after?

Take initiative in giving back and don’t sit on the side-lines of life. Identify opportunities and seize the moment to take initiative with our tazkiyah, with our family, with our community, and even on the internet. Have a positive and proactive approach always.

Review and renew the intentions to practice them, and make dua that Allah (swt) makes this Ramadan our best one yet allowing us to come out a completely changed and bettered person insha Allah.

May Allah let us reach Ramadan this years and next years. May Allah grant us ease as well as all our brothers and sisters striving to better themselves this Ramadan. May Allah grant all brothers and sisters reward of Jannatul Firdaus. We ask for His forgiveness and pray that Allah (swt) bestows His peace and blessings on the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and upon his family, companions, and followers until the end of time. Allahumma Aameen Yaa Rabbana.

اَللّٰهُمَّ سَلِّمْني إِلَى رَمَضَانَ وَسَلِّمْ لِي رَمَضَانَ وَتَسَلَّمْهُ مِنِي مُتَقَبَّلاً

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