What About the Mothers in Islam

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Honoring parents, especially the mother, is one of the rituals that Islam has focused on and compelled its followers to follow because of their greatness and virtue to their children. Honoring and courtesy to parents have many ways like philanthropy and the good deeds which children are offering to their parents, it is noteworthy that … Read more

Geniuses From History Must Be Mentioned on Mother’s Day

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No one can deny the favor and grace of mothers, no matter what we do for them. But some mothers are even more impactful and they do their best to bring out geniuses and figures that history will never forget. Some of these mothers wrote down their names in the records of history and gained … Read more

Before celebrating Mother’s Day, remember their suffering

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All mothers are doing their best to serve and raise their children with all the graces that they have been given from Allah, without providing any health or effort. All they are doing their best for the sake of children’s happiness and love, but what is really striking and see it difficult is how this … Read more

New/Unique Mother’s Day Messages

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Read with us Mother’s Day Messages, unique, exclusive and new. But above all, you should know, God ordered us to be good to the mother, Not only on Mother’s Day, as the heavenly religions stressed on that, so charity to her is always rewarded for it. It leads to living in happiness, an increase in … Read more

Happy Mother’s Day Short Messages ~ Unique in English

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Mother’s Day is one of the most beautiful holidays to be loved by people everywhere, because it is a beautiful day for children to meet with their mother and celebrate Mother’s Day. Some people believe that the children should celebrate their mothers every day and visit them and give them the most beautiful gifts, so … Read more

Different Countries With Different Dates of Mother’s Day

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The Mother’s Day celebration is a celebration of the 20th century, where nations honor mothers in recognition of their role in raising children and their impact on their societies. Mother’s Day is different from one country to another. Mother’s Day is celebrated in the Arab world on March 21, but not in European or even … Read more

Mother’s Day in Different Religions

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The Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions gave special and unique importance to the status and position of the good mother who raised the importance and consideration of women. The great importance of this status and the fact that it came at a time when the society was inappropriate for women, as if one of men … Read more

The Most Beautiful Words on Mother’s Day

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On the Mother’s Day, No matter how much we try to express what is inside us to the greatest human being in the universe, words and letters will not suffice. They are the light of our way of life. They are the ones who guided us to right ways and tolerated the hardships of life … Read more

Decoration Ideas of Mother’s Day [Amazing Seven]

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Mother’s Day Is a day in which all members of the family express their thanks and gratitude to the mother, who sacrifices her health, her time and her effort for her home and her children. Simply and inexpensively it is possible to make the atmosphere of the house on this day happy, and to bring … Read more

Ceremony of Mother’s Day Around the World

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Mother’s Day is a special day in honor of mothers, celebrated in many countries, including the United States, celebrating Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. Mother’s Day Around the World In America, Mother’s Day is a national holiday, and flags are raised above every house and building in honor of mother and motherhood. … Read more

The Traditions of Mother’s Day Celebration in Various Countries

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Before talking about Mother’s Day Celebration on our page, you should know, The mother is always the first woman in the heart and soul of any person, it is his first and last love, and there is no woman in the world, no matter how beauty she is can occupy the status of the mother … Read more

Respect for the Mother in her Feast (Speech and Tips)

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When you treat anyone, you have to follow some rules of respect. These rules have to be followed by wise people who will understand them well. You should show respect to reach the category of charity and humanitarianism. These rules are followed even if they were your relatives and the closer persons to you like … Read more