Daiquiri – Featured Cocktail

Explore the history of this classic drink and learn how to make a traditional Daiquiri along with lots of creative variations.

Like many classic cocktails, the exact origins of the Daiquiri remain hazy. It’s clear the drink was named for Daiquiri, a beach area and an iron mine near Santiago, Cuba and it emerged sometime in the late 1800s.The most popular story credits the drink’s invention to American mining engineer Jennings Cox, who ran out of gin one day while entertaining American guests.

Fearing his compatriots would find the local rum too harsh, he attempted to improve its flavor by adding lime juice and sugar. The result is the classic Daiquiri which has gone through countless changes, variations and incarnations ever since.

The Daiquiri, was reportedly one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite drinks. The only problem was, Hemingway was a diabetic. He got around the problem by creating the “Hemingway Daiquiri,” which substituted grapefruit juice for the sugar and adding a splash of maraschino liqueur.

The recipes below will give you a great starting point for making regular and frozen daiquiris. But don’t stop there. This drink can be made with all kinds of fresh fruits. Let your imagination and the farmer’s market be your guide!

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Daiquiri Tips

  • Fresh fruits and juice always beat a mix.
  • When making frozen daiquiris, freeze the fruit first from a frostier consistency.
  • Use simple syrup or confectioner’s sugar instead of granulated for sweetening daiquiris as granulated sugar doesn’t dissolve well in cold liquids.

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