How to Set Up a Breading Station? Cut the Fat by Skipping the Batter

The tastiest recipes call for some form of battered meat or vegetable. Whether it’s the kiddos squealing for chicken nuggets or your own weakness for crisp fish and chips — we’re all faced with the inevitable choice between the crunch we love or the grilled and healthy.

Breading your dish is a great compromise. With batter, you have to dunk it in a vat of hot grease to lock in the crunch and keep the batter in place. Breading allows you to opt for a healthier baked alternative while maintaining some of the crunch we crave.

Setting Up a Breading Station

Before you start cooking, you’ll need to set up a breading station.

Exactly which ingredients you need depend on the recipe, but in general, you should follow these directions:

Step 1: Clear an area

You’ll need a clean area of countertop large enough to fit all the ingredients in single-file.

Clear the area of any other items, like canisters or decorative items, to avoid contamination and extra messes — especially when breading meats.

Step 2: Prepare your ingredients

Pour your ingredients in some large, shallow dishes in a single row, in exactly the order you need them. If your recipe calls for two passes through one ingredient, that ingredient should be given two containers.

In general, a typical breading station will contain:

  • Flour.
  • Egg wash (a mixture of eggs beaten with milk, cream, water or other liquid).
  • Bread crumbs.

They’ll usually be in that order unless the recipe asks you to take a second pass through the flour, then back through the egg wash before layering on the crumbs.

Step 3: Bread and bake

Pass each item through each dish individually in the proper order. Make sure they’re evenly coated with all the ingredients as you go through.

To bake, simply place the food in a single layer on a baking pan, drizzle it with olive oil to add extra crispiness and bake according to the recipe.

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