For Mother’s Day: 7 Things to Thank Your Mother for

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Happy Mother’s Day Card

1. Giving birth

Thank her for giving up her comfort and many things she loves to give birth to you. She went through extremely difficult moments of emotional and physical pain to bring you to this life. So, thank her for giving you an opportunity to live and enjoy this life.

2. Staying up for you

Thank her for the nights she spent next to your bed when you were sick or unable to sleep. Thank her for doing her best to put you to sleep when you were a baby, and for enduring your continuous crying that never let her sleep.

3. Supporting you

Thank her for helping you achieve your dreams, and for making you believe in your lost dreams again after giving up on them. Thank her for pushing you to success with all what she got. Thank her for being there whenever you need someone to support you in difficult times.

4. Listening and giving advice

Thank her for her listening to you when you complain about problems you have got and for sharing your happy moments. Thank her for giving you advice to solve your problems and be more successful in your life.

5. Teaching

Thank her for teaching you good manners and for reproaching you when you have done something wrong. Thank her for teaching you how to respect people and treat them nicely, and for teaching you how to deal with problems and find your way through life.

6. Inspiring

Thank her for inspiring you throughout your life. Thank her for believing in you and keeping supporting you even when you make mistakes. Thank her for helping you become the person you are now.

7. Making you happy

Thank her for all sacrifices she made for you just to make you happy. Thank her for cooking your favorite meals to please you, and for doing her best to see your smile.

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