Query: Ever since I was a child, my dad always pushed us towards education. However, when I grew up, he started to reject the idea of marriage. He doesn’t want me or any of my siblings to get married.

I met a good man, that made me accept the fact that I want to get married, but my dad doesn’t want to meet him and he doesn’t want me to get married at all. What shall I do? Within our society these days, It’s hard to find a good man who will treat me good and support me in my work like him. Also, my dad is hard while dealing with us. Sometimes, I feel like he doesn’t even love us.


It’s set in terms of sharia that marriage is Sunnah. It’s obligatory when one fears falling into the sin of fornication. You have to convince your father to help you and your brothers in this regard. Allah knows best.

Sources: Al-Azhar Al-Sharif

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