Ramadan Mubarak 2020 (Full Preparation)

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Ramadan Mubarak ! What About the Preparations

Peace and Blessings be Upon You. Ramadan 2020 is indeed around the corner. May Allah (SWT) bless your Ramadan. And everybody’s Ramadan. For Ramadan Mubarak preparation. We need to go back to the Prophets’ practice (Peace and blessings be upon him). Aisha (RA) used to say that the Prophet (PBUH) never fasted a full month but Ramadan and he never fasted as many days in any other month as he did in Sha’ban.

So the month of Sha’ban you fast as many days as you can to prepare your body and your spirit for Ramadan. Ramadan is not just about abstaining from food, drink, and sex.

Ramadan is about abstaining from everything that may displease Allah (SWT).

So in the hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) says that a person may be fasting and has nothing of his fast except hunger and thirst. And a person may stay the whole night praying but he has nothing from his prayer except fatigue and being tired. You have to prepare for Ramadan in a spiritual and physical package.

So if you could read more of the quran in Sha’ban do it. If you could pray at night in Sha’ban do it, because when Ramadan comes that’s exactly what every Muslim would live to do.

We love Ramadan because of the taraweeh We love Ramadan because of the amount of Quran that we read. We love Ramadan because Allah (SWT) has chained major serious devils and he left us with the little ones. So, if anyone is persuaded or tempted to violate anything that Allah told us not to violate he is tempted by the little ones.

So it’s quite shameful in Ramadan that somebody will be fighting, especially in the masjid. But, at the same time it is equally shameful to break your fast in Ramadan. It is equally shameful to break your brotherhood in Ramadan. It is equally shameful that you violate the moral and ethical rules for Ramadan.

In the hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) says: “He who does not leave out false talk and false testimony in Ramadan Allah doesn’t need him to leave the food, the drink, and sexual activities”. So we have to be careful that in Sha’ban we prepare for Ramadan in a comprehensive program. Ramadan is the annual spiritual bootcamp for every Muslim. It trains you to do things that you thought were difficult before.

Praying Fajr at the masjid is more full than any other day Praying Isha is more full and taraweeh is even more full than a Friday prayer. Why? Because the spirit of Ramadan has come. So, we need to prepare for this bootcamp so that at the end of Ramadan we attain piety righteousness “that you may become righteous”.

May Allah (SWT) bless your Ramadan and make it the best Ramadan season. And may Allah (SWT) finish it with the finish line with forgiving all of us waving away all of our accounts on the day of judgment and removing us from the sinful people we are into the righteous people we aspire to be. Ramadan Mubarak!

By Sheikh Shaker Elsayed (YouTube video).

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