Ramadan Poem .. Heart-to-Heart

Ramadan Mubarak, Ramadan Image, Ramadan Picture
Ramadan Mubarak

There’s a poem. It’s a very beautiful poem in my estimation may be because I wrote it… It’s called, when doors in heaven open wide.

When doors in heaven open wide, and hell is locked devils inside.

Ramadan Mubarak

When Sha’baan month strikes 29, the Muslims search the sky to find the Ramadan new moon approaches.With Taqwa, blessings and good hope. So, if they sight the moon, we fast, and when it’s cloudy, 30 past from Shabaan.

Before Ramadan the month of fasting and Qur’an, the month we pray the Tarawe’h, and wake up early when we sleep.

The Sunnah is to eat and drink a light Suhoor for Fajr’s brink, and then from sunrise till it sets, we fast and leave all nourishment. It’s what strong Muslims have to do.

Obligating me and you to intend a night before a day of fasting for your Lord. But for the traveler or the sick, this obligation doesn’t stick, and girls when menses come your way you must stop fasting right away. And those that make themselves throw up or sneak and eat, they should grow up, because those are two dumb dirty tricks. That break a fast, you’ll have to fix.

Allah doesn’t need us not to eat, if we still lie and act like creeps. When you’re fasting, play it cool, and don’t respond to every fool, but if somebody disturbs your vibe, I’m fasting, twice is I’ll reply.

Remember not to sleep all day, or talk too much, with too much play. Then soon as you can’t see the sun from way up high, you’re fast is done.

The devil loses, and we win, o Allah forgives our sins, the thirst is gone, the veins are wet. We hope that the Reward is set, like this we pray before we eat, then Bismillah to start the feast.

First with dates, or water if there are no dates to start it with. When no water, eat a sweet. But do not wait to start to eat, and if you’re fasting took a break for sickness or for travels sake, just make it up some other day. And if you don’t, you gotta pay [Kaffarah].

By Abu Taubah / via Yaseen Media on YouTube

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