After Ramadan, what is your decisions/options ?

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Ramadan Kareem, Ramadan Mubarak, Image
Ramadan Mubarak / Kareem

My dear respected brothers and sisters, the question that I want you to truly contemplate about this what are you going to do after Ramadan to maintain you’re (Faith)?

This a crisis that all Muslims face once Ramadan finishes, in Ramadan we completely forget about our bodily form and we go into what we are.

Actually about and what we are composed of which is our (soul) and at the end of Ramadan our soul then becomes lonely, and we have this longing for Ramadan, because it is possibly 1 of the greatest moments of the year and it is and they all, compensate and they over accumulate into the best moments of our life.

But what do we do after Ramadan in order to maintain that (Faith) in order to maintain that good feeling and that connection with Allah.

1 of the suggestions that I that I made to a group of young Muslims within the UK is to produce a monthly Islamic calendar. Now what I mean by that is to replicate what Ramadan is but in the other months throughout the year, so you almost create your own mini Ramadan throughout the rest of the year now how exactly do you do that?
If you take the concept of Ramadan and how it plans out and what the process of Ramadan is, you will see that it is a very simple formula.

In Ramadan we have a period of 30 days, and in those 30 days we try to do every single thing let every single type of good deed every single type of (worship), so we read our Qur’an every single day, we pray Qiyam Ul Layl every single night. We engaged in learning about Islam and we do a daily course and we learn daily Duas and daily Hadith we do, a lot of worship.

But in the rest of the months throughout the year, yes for some people it is possible to keep up this routine, but for the majority of us it is quite difficult, because the other things in life comes into play, such as our careers and our work and our family and other challenges that we face.

So what the formula is to maintain a period of 30 days and every 30 days you focus on just 1 thing that can make you better Muslim, so I will give you an example after Ramadan finishes:
For the next 330 days we already have the 6 Nafl fast that you can do, but what we can do is maintain 1 thing that you want to focus on every 30 days after Ramadan. So for the next 30 days after Ramadan focus on the 1 thing focus on your weakness, focus on your flaw.

You know look at yourself and analyses what are your weaknesses what do you need to develop in with regards to your religion. Is it perfecting your Fajir prayer? Is it reading Qur’an every single day? Is it refocusing on your Duas? Is it memorizing new Hadith? Is it memorizing new Surahs? Is it memorizing the Tafsir or learning the Tafsir behind some of the special stories in the special moments within the Qur’an?

There are so many different thins that we can develop on, but the best thing to do and this is psychologically and scientifically proven that we get the best results when we focus on 1 thing at a time, so after Ramadan every 30 days focus on 1 thing at a time, and by the end of 4 months or 5 months or 5 periods of 30 days, you will have perfected or rejigged or developed 5 things about yourself.

Now, I done this experiment with not an experiment, I done this exercise with 6 very sorts of young talented Muslims within the UK and Alhamdullah. At the end of those 5 to 6 months they saw such a great improvement within their life. Because what we do is effectively we replicate what Ramadan is, but on a smaller scale after Ramadan.

So 1 of the major problems that we face as an Ummah is perfecting our Fajir Salah you know gaining the Khushoo within our Fajir Salah perfecting it getting up early doing our Duas. Praying the Salah praying it in the Masjid and afterwards reciting some Qur’an this is 1 of this is challenge. It is not easy to do this.

So Insha’allah after Ramadan set yourself a 30 days Fajir challenge where every single day you will get up for Fajir no matter what. Every single night you will sacrifice that extra desire, so that you can get up early and pray your fajir Salah, or it can be something else like reading your Qur’an every single day, or memorizing Surah or memorizing Surah Sajdah or memorizing something of the Qur’an but you have to focus on it every single day.

And with advice like this practical advice that we implement in our daily lives, this is how we can Insha’allah after Ramadan maintain the spirit of what Ramadan is.

Every single person has to make an effort with themselves if we think that after Ramadan that our 9Faith) and our Deen is going to continue on without making my personal plan personal effort, then Insha’allah I think that we will be very naive as to you know how much of our Deen that we can lose.

Every single person needs a plan especially in the world that we live in now where there are so many different pressures, so many different things that can come into our life that take over.

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