Are you ready for Ramadan? Ramadhan Mubarak

You know, Ramadan is coming. I will ask you a question: Are you ready for Ramadhan? , What are you going to do? , What is your plan? , Are you getting ready now?

Free Design Image for Ramadan
Free Design Image for Ramadan

I know that you will say that we still have time.
Ramadan will come after a week there on we will be ready.
I say ” No. some people pray on the frist day of Ramadan the rest prayer (Taraweeh), fast, recite Quran and worship.

After a week, they return home. I want you to remember mosques in Ramadan.
The first week they are overcrowded and people pray out of the mosque.
Gradually it empties till the mid of Ramadhan, it becomes empty.
On the last ten days, especially on the egocentric days, it becomes over crowded and at conjugal nights it is empty.
you should deal with Ramadan as a whole.

Do you know What is the problem?
I will give you an example connected with football for people who like football.
What is your opinion of a team plays for the World Cup?
they play for the European Cup and they participated in the championship but they had not trained before.
They were so enthusiastic to win but they didn’t train.

What will be the result?
Of course, there will be injured players in the second match and half of the team will get tired, frustration and they will be beaten.
I want to tell you that it is the same idea for Ramadan.
The last week before Ramadan should be for preparation.
I want you to do two or three acts of worship like doing a charitable act intentionally for the beginning of Ramzan.

If you did a great sin, repent to Allah and begin a new beginning.
If you didn’t use to read Quran, read a little until Ramadhan.
Pray tow prayer units at night.
Recite Quran with your husband.
Invoke to Allah
There is another idea which is easier.
Bring a pen and a paper.
Then write what you intend to in Ramadan in order to get The Night of Majesty, may Allah accept your invocation and forgive you.

Bring a paper and a pen number and arrange your deeds 1-2-3-4-5-6.
I will invite my uncles and all my family to keep good relationships with relatives,
I will please my parents,
I will invoke Allah to accept my invocations
(write them 1-2-3)
I will read and finish Quran once or twice and will give (…….) pounds for the sake of Allah in Ramadan.
Thus, you make the plan and keep it in your wallet or heng it in your room so you are gradually begin
to get ready for Ramzan.

Dear community, please be ready for Ramadan. The Month of Mercy and Forgiveness.
Get ready to get manumission of fire, to get forgiveness of Allah, may Allah accepts our invocation and give us The Night of Majesty.

Ramadhan needs preparation so today in a smile of hope I say ” Let’s all prepare and get ready”, Ramadan Mubarak.

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