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Happy Father’s Day With Colorful Ties Elegant

Here’s our tips, How to be a great father

  1. Show love and support to your child all the time. Show him/her that you are always next to them and they are not by their own.
  2. You should be positive when you speak to your child, you must not use any negative attitude when you talk to your children or treat them in a way that would hurt their feelings.
  3. Put your children’s interests first, always. You must know that your children are more important than anything in this world.
  4. As a father, you must be the main source of protection. You must do your best to protect your child. There are many ways you need to do this. Safety is one of them. Teach your child good safety habits, set a good example by using your seatbelt. Besides financial protection which includes: life insurance, car insurance, an emergency fund, a will, etc..
  5. Try to spend more time with your children. Usually, when parents go back home after work they feel tired and go to bed, but this is actually the perfect time that a father would take to spend some time with his children during the weekdays to ask them about their day. While on weekends, fathers must devote as much time as possible to them.
  6. Play with you children and share with them what they like to do. Go outside and plays sports. Do a treasure hunt. Have a pillow fight. Do not just watch TV. Show them how to have fun instead.
  7. Give your children hugs daily, to express to them how much you love him/her. As dads should not be afraid to show affection. As kids need physical contact, and not just from their moms. So, you must snuggle with them, hug them, and love them.
  8. Try to read to your children. This is one of the most important things that you can do for your child especially when it is bed time, because it is so much fun. Kids books are really cool, and it is great when you can share something this wonderful with your own child.
  9. Stand by your wife and the mother of your kids, try to help her with the mum stuff and show her respect and love in front of your children.
  10. Teach your children to be confident, strong and independent. Show them that you value them, by talking to them, listening to them, and praising what they do.

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