Happy New Year With Success

Now, here are some words of successful around the world, we hope to make more ambitious and enthusiastic with the start of the new year:

Happy New Year Image Full Size
Happy New Year Image Full Size

Elizabeth Gilbert: Success, failure and repeated attempts at creativity and persistence.
“I knew that I had no way to win, and knowing that I had no way to win made me seriously consider for a while just quitting the game and moving to the country to raise corgis.

But if I had done that, if I had given up writing, I would have lost my beloved vocation, so I knew that the task was that I had to find some way to gin up the inspiration to write the next book regardless of its inevitable negative outcome.

In other words, I had to find a way to make sure that my creativity survived its own success. And I did, in the end, find that inspiration, but I found it in the most unlikely and unexpected place. I found it in lessons that I had learned earlier in life about how creativity can survive its own failure.”

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