Respect for the Mother in her Feast (Speech and Tips)

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I Love My Mum

When you treat anyone, you have to follow some rules of respect. These rules have to be followed by wise people who will understand them well. You should show respect to reach the category of charity and humanitarianism. These rules are followed even if they were your relatives and the closer persons to you like your father, your mother, and uncles. I allocate the mother, as she is more fitted to be treated in a respected way, showing charity and well treating. Any wise man will understand this, as mother’s value is so high and cannot be denied by anyone except for someone who has lost his or her acuity and apperception.

Now, I will discuss and introduce some of these rules and foundations about how the mother can be treated:
• When you call for your mother, you must call her with her favorite nickname like (mum, my mum, my mother and so on…) and avoid neglecting this rule calling her with her name only.
• If you are with your mother in somewhere, never sit before she sits.
• If you and she are served some food, never eat before she starts to eat.
• Always smile to her beautiful face and tell sweet and wonderful words to her.
• Never say (so much as) “any bad word” and do not repel her or say any words which can annoy her.
• If your mother asked something from you, carry out it without any complaint or annoyance.
• If your mother becomes ill, you should provide treatments and medicines, stay up at night to provide care for her and do everything she wants until she becomes sound.
• You should obey her except for disobeying God.
• You should forgive her and forget any mistake done to you caused by her, as she did not mean to annoy or upset you.
• You should pray to her and ask God to save her.
• It is refused to show arrogance, deception, or conceit to her.
• Never raise your voice in attendance of her.
• If you find that your mother needs your advice, advise her mercifully and kindly. If she did not accept your advice, never become annoyed or repel her.
• Always communicate with her and ask about her situations, especially if she is abroad.
• Make your children show their respect and love to her.
• Always gift her some presents.
• Never express your annoyance or boredom in attendance of her.
• Select the most suitable time and place to talk to her.
• Ask her permission before entering any place she is there.
• Help her in her house works and go shopping for her.
• Express your severe respect at the presence of the old and the young people and in the absence of them.
• Listen carefully to her speeches and look at her eyes during her talks to you.
• Be interested in her hobbies an encourage her to practice them.
This is just tip of the iceberg. These previous rules should be in mind when treating with mothers, as they are the bases of treatments. If you do not find not anything is in these rules, consult your conscience and you will find a lot of behaviors and ethics, which will contribute in showing more appreciation to mother’s role. Finally, always remember to treat your mother in a respected way and do this willingly and express your love to her.

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