Organic Foods Facts and Trivia

Organic Facts and Trivia

  • It takes five years for soil contamination to dissipate when a conventional farm wants to convert to organic. During that period, the land cannot be cultivated.
  • Over 500 chemicals are commonly used in conventional farming in the US.
  • Toxic chemical exposure begins even before birth as fetuses become exposed to their mother’s toxins in utero through the placenta.
  • Organics has its own Congressional Caucus! Formed in 2003, the Congressional Organic Agriculture Caucus is a bi-partisan committee created to “enhance availability and understanding of information relating to the production and processing of organic agricultural products.”
  • California is the global hub of organic food, representing the largest market for organic food, as well as the largest concentration of forward thinking farmers and food cooperatives.
  • The conventional agricultural industry is estimated to use over 800 million pounds of pesticides each year in the United States alone.
  • In Germany, several water utilities have paid farmers to switch to organic operations because the conversion costs proved less than the economic burden of removing farm chemicals from water supplies.
  • According to a study done by a team of scientists from the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences aided by a Newcastle University scientist, rats fed organic produce were slimmer, slept better, and had stronger immune systems than those fed conventionally grown foods.

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