Geniuses From History Must Be Mentioned on Mother’s Day

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No one can deny the favor and grace of mothers, no matter what we do for them. But some mothers are even more impactful and they do their best to bring out geniuses and figures that history will never forget. Some of these mothers wrote down their names in the records of history and gained as much success as their children whom some of them became professors in worldly sciences or renowned Muslim scholars or geniuses. The life of these accomplished (successful) people were marked by their mothers who made them prominent.

Here are some of them: Geniuses on Mother’s Day

• Tomas Edison: His mother is MRS Marry Edison who worked as a master of reading and Literature. She always supported him despite his behavior which tended to be bizarre and insane. When he was dismissed from school, she stood for him and told all people that her son is extremely intelligent then she started his new journey of private learning. She taught him science, history, the scripture, novels especially Shakespeare’s books as well as the life of scientist such as Galileo. He began to learn and study lots of books, and this was the starting point of his career and inventions. Edison talked about his mother pin many occasions after her death and he recognized her impact on his life and that he achieved, and he wouldn’t have been the man he is without her support.

• Mahatma Gandhi: He, too, recognized the favor of his mother in his upbringing and his life. Every morning, she used to remind him and his siblings that they are free and brave and urged them to tell the truth and that freedom, bravery, and truth-telling are key to control one’s soul. Hence started the life of Gandhi; the liberator of India.

• Imam Shafi: The grand Imam whose father died when he was two years old. So, his mother took care of him and worked on raising him well at an early age. She looked for every place where he can learn from scholars and gain knowledge. She sent her son to all places of knowing where her son can learn it, and she taught him the Quran at the age of seven. His mother continued to support him until he gained tremendous knowledge. Thanks to her patience and good upbringing of Imam Shafi, he is considered to be a prominent reformer of Islam in the 2nd year after Hegira.

• Muawya Ibn Abi Sufyan: His mom set an example of the mother who inspires her child since his birth. Hend Bent Utba, the mother of Muawya ib Abi Sufyan used to say that her son will rule his people. One of her famous quotes was ” May Allah deprive me of him if he does not rule his people”. Her prophecy came true as Muawyah ruled his people and became a Muslim caliph who founded the Umayyad dynasty.

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