Ramadan Mubarak, Here’s Your Amazing Plan

Today’s smile of hope is related to Ramadan. Ramadan is soon. Ramadan Mubarak! Many happy returns. May Allah accept our fast. Today’s question and the idea is about planning how to spend Ramadan. Did you plan to it? Would you bring a pen and a piece of paper? Ramadan is the month of goodness, giving, faith, kinship preservation and being close to Allah.

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It is the month of charity,Quran , kindness to people, and everything good. What is your status in Ramadan? Will you be just fasting? No, let us make a plan for Ramadan that will change you into a great person. Let us write down some conditions First , my charity.

How much will you pay for charity? Even if you are unable to pay. Make a charity by giving a fasting person a cup of milk. Even if you are a student. Pay as much as you can. Pay alms.

Second, kinship. Will you contact your family? Will you invite them to have lunch together? Nowadays, inviting people to have a meal with you is difficult for financial reasons. Why do not you invite them even once on a Friday and ask them to participate with their foods, so you all can eat together on the same dining table? If you can’t invite them, visit them. Do not be at odds with your relatives. It is Ramadan. Even make. a call to them.

Ramadan is the month of mercy and good. Make a plan. It is the most beloved month to Allah. Ramadan, it is the month of good and the divine light. Days later, the Night of Decree will be. It is the best night in the year. It is the night of good, mercy, and reward. The gates of Paradise will be open on this month. It is the month of giving and emancipation from the Hellfire.

It is the month of delivering the supplications. Never miss that month Third, Quran. What do you intend concerning Quran in Ramadan? How many times will you fully read it? Do you intend to practice the values of the verses during Ramadan not only reading them? If you do this, Quran will revive your whole life

Fourth, inventing new ideas. Ramadan is a month of meditation. Why don’t you invest the time in Ramadan by inventing ideas? This way, Ramadan will be productive. Think of new ideas in your business, your relationship with your spouse, your children, and your life.

Fifth, losing weight. Will you lose weight and preserve your health? It is a month of fasting. You are supposed to lose not to gain weight. Practice some exercises Make a plan for Ramadan. I have given you some examples. I do not mean that those are the only conditions for Ramadan. Consider your relationship with your wife, your parents, and your children.

You have to promote your relationship with your family takes into consideration the advantages of having lunch together in the same dining room.

Add a condition of supplication. Write down the supplications and wishes that you will say in Ramadan. This month is for accepting the supplications. There is a prophetic saying that is ” for the one who is fasting when breaking his fast – after sunset calling for prayer, there is a supplication that will never be rejected”.

Our problem is that we don’t welcome Ramadan with a plan, so we miss it, and then after missing it we feel sorry. If you plan how to spend Ramadan, it will be better than the previous years. Try, and don’t forget to pray for me.

By Dr. Amr Khaled

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